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Sunday, December 17, 2017
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After-School Enrichment Program K5-12

The ELCA After-School Enrichment Program (ASEP) provides an enriched environment for students (kindergarten - high school) who need after-school care. Students enjoy participating in various activities such as computer time, board games, sports/recreational activities, etc. The program offers homework supervision and assistance and provides a snack for the students. 

Enrollment into the After-School Enrichment Program is achieved during the RenWeb school enrollment process. If you did not specify your interest during the online enrollment process but wish to enroll in ASEP (full-time), please complete the form below. You will receive an email confirmation.
If your elementary student is attending ASEP on a "drop-in" basis, please alert your child's teacher when he/she will attend ASEP. Middle and high school students will meet in the upstairs foyer adjacent to the 700 hallway before going to their ASEP classrooms each day. Drop-In billing is $15 per day. All students not attending on a full-time basis are considered "drop-in."
ASEP Enrollment Form
Student Name: 
Parent Name:  
Parent eMail Address: 
Allergies: NO  YES  Describe: 
Start Date: 
I agree that I will be billed $50 per week --regardless of attendance-- unless and until a withdrawal form is completed and returned. Billing takes place over 9 months with due dates from September 1 through May 1.
Students withdrawing from ASEP and later re-enrolling into the program will incur a $25 re-enrollment fee.
Students attending ASEP on a drop-in basis should not be formally enrolled and will be billed according to attendance at $15.00 per day.

Billing will be submitted on the following schedule (charges are pro-rated for days when ASEP is not offered):
Due 9/1 – 7/31-8/24 ($190)
Due 10/1 – 8/28-9/29 ($160) NO CHARGE FOR 9/11 & 9/12
Due 11/1 – 10/2-10/25 ($180)
Due 12/1 – 10/30-12/1 ($200)
Due 1/1 – 12/4-1/12 ($150-HS/$160-MS/$180-Elementary) no charge for exam days
Due 2/1 – 1/16-2/9 ($190) 
Due 3/1 – 2/12-3/16 ($190)
Due 4/1 – 3/19-4/27 ($230)
Due 5/1 – 4/30-5/24 ($160-HS/$170-MS/$190-Elementary) no charge for exam days

(Drop-In billing is calculated in arrears and will be submitted on the 10th of each month.)


Welcome to ASEP!
Info Sheet  Withdrawal Form
After School Sports Club
 (Middle and high school)
Life Martial Arts Information

BOLTS Wrestling K5-5th
Withdrawal form may be emailed to 
kim.brunette@eagleslanding.org, returned to the receptionist's desk or faxed to 770 957-2290.
To reach the ASEP front desk, after school hours: Call the school at 678-818-1033.
Questions or Concerns: Contact Kim Brunette 678-818-1014 or email kim.brunette@eagleslanding.org. 
(Please contact  Vicky Rodgers regarding the preschool after-school program.)
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