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Student Leadership Institute

ELCA Student Leadership Institute is a voluntary, yearlong program opened to all students in grades 9 through 12. The students must apply for entrance to the program.  Students will earn leadership credits for the leadership sessions they attend. These credits will be recorded on their SLI transcript and will be part of their permanent file. 
     The program will consist of four basic parts:
  1. Big Group Sessions - These sessions will take place during the school day and are required for all members of the Institute. The sessions are designed to introduce the students to key issues like abortion, same sex marriage, etc. and prepare them to discuss these issues from a biblical perspective.
  2. Leadership Training Modules - These sessions will take place in the morning before school and will meet one day a week approximately 3 to 4 weeks each quarter. They will deal with practical Christian living and will explore topics like finances, Biblical parenting, etc.
  3. Campus Connections - Each member of the Institute is encouraged to participate in one of our connection groups. These groups will be active in on-campus leadership training and will work specifically with our Admissions department, Lower School and Middle School.
  4. Christian Service - Quarterly Christian Service programs will be available to members of the Institute and they are strongly encouraged to participate in these events.
We want to provide for each one of our students the opportunity to learn Christian leadership skills, be able to put those skills into practice, and observe those skills lived out in the lives of Christian community leaders.