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High School Student Council

2018-2019 Student Council Officers
President - Beth Moore
Vice-President - Olivia Tinsley
Secretary - Loren Sullivan
Treasurer - Ishan Padmani
Chaplain - Jade Hensel
Service Chair - Ben Blackburn
High School Braves Night - Saturday, August 18th
  • Tickets are $30 and will include your ticket to the game and bus ride. 
  • Bill to account and field trip forms are due on Friday, August 5th.  Spots are limited so we will be filling them based on the order forms are turned in.
  • Buses will meet in the high school parking lot at 3:45pm. 
  • Buses will return after the game (around 11:30pm - students will call when we leave the stadium). 
  • Students are required to ride the bus there and back and will NOT be allowed to drive themselves.
  • Please plan to bring money for dinner/snacks at the stadium.  Food is a little expensive there so you probably need around $20 if you want a full meal.


SAVE THE DATE - ELCA 2019 Prom Information

Date - Friday, March 22nd, 2019
Location - Fox Theatre
Time - 7:00pm - 11:00pm
Tickets - $100 through January
Purpose of Student Council
  • To represent the students of Eagle's Landing Christian Academy by promoting the general welfare and moral of the school culture and providing a forum for student expression
  • To provide leadership and service throughout the school and community
  • To develop attitudes of good citizenship and the workings of democracy