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Monday, June 26, 2017
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After-School Enrichment Program K5-12

The ELCA After-School Enrichment Program (ASEP) provides an enriched environment for students (kindergarten - high school) who need after-school care. Students enjoy participating in various activities such as computer time, board games, sports/recreational activities, etc. The program offers homework supervision and assistance and provides a snack for the students. 

Enrollment into the After-School Enrichment Program is achieved during the RenWeb school enrollment process. If you did not specify your interest during the online enrollment process but wish to enroll in ASEP (full-time), please complete the form below. You will receive an email confirmation.
If your elementary student is attending ASEP on a "drop-in" basis, please alert your child's teacher when he/she will attend ASEP. Middle and high school students will meet in the upstairs foyer adjacent to the 700 hallway before going to their ASEP classrooms each day. Drop-In billing is $15 per day. All students not attending on a full-time basis are considered "drop-in."
ASEP Enrollment Form
Student Name: 
Parent Name:  
Parent eMail Address: 
Allergies: NO  YES  Describe: 
Start Date: 
I agree that I will be billed $50 per week --regardless of attendance-- unless and until a withdrawal form is completed and returned. Billing takes place over 9 months with due dates from September 1 through May 1.
Students withdrawing from ASEP and later re-enrolling into the program will incur a $25 re-enrollment fee.
Students attending ASEP on a drop-in basis should not be formally enrolled and will be billed according to attendance at $15.00 per day.

Billing will be submitted on the following schedule (charges are pro-rated for days when ASEP is not offered):
Due 9/1 – 8/1-8/26 ($200)
Due 10/1 – 8/28-9/30 ($180)
Due 11/1 – 10/3-10/28 ($190)
Due 12/1 – 10/31-12/2 ($190)
Due 1/1 – 12/5-1/13 ($140-HS/$160-MS/$170-Elementary) no charge for 12/9 (Dome Day) or exam days
Due 2/1 – 1/17-2/10 ($170) one day credit for Jan 6
Due 3/1 – 2/13-3/17 ($190)
Due 4/1 – 3/20-4/28 ($230)
Due 5/1 – 5/1-5/25 ($190)

(Drop-In billing is calculated in arrears and will be submitted on the 10th of each month.)


Welcome to ASEP!
Info Sheet  Withdrawal Form
6th & 7th Grade
4th & 5th Grade
Enrollment Form
 (Middle and high school)
Introductory Video
Enrollment Form
Life Martial Arts Information
Enrollment Form
Bolts Running Club
Spring Season
Withdrawal form may be emailed to 
kim.brunette@eagleslanding.org, returned to the receptionist's desk or faxed to 770 957-2290.
To reach the ASEP front desk, after school hours: Call the school at 678-818-1033.
Questions or Concerns: Contact Kim Brunette 678-818-1014 or email kim.brunette@eagleslanding.org. 
(Please contact  Vicky Rodgers regarding the preschool after-school program.)
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