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Georgia Goal Program

What is Georgia GOAL?

In the Spring of 2008 House Bill 1133 was passed and signed in to law. This law allows you, a Georgia taxpayer, the opportunity to redirect all or a portion of your state income tax dollars to Eagle's Landing Christian Academy via a state approved SSO (Student Scholarship Organization). The SSO that ELCA selected to assist us with this program is Georgia GOAL (Greater Opportunities for Access to Learning), a leading student scholarship organization. As a result of this partnership, donors to Georgia GOAL can designate their contributions to fund financial aid at ELCA.

Students who are eligible to apply for financial aid include those who are presently enrolled in a public school, students entering kindergarten or first grade, or students currently on the GOAL program at ELCA. Homeschool students who have been homeschooled for at least one year and are part of a homeschool program registered with the Georgia Department of Education are also eligible for need based financial aid to attend ELCA. However, ELCA awards financial aid each year based on funds available and number of students that apply. ELCA uses its regular admissions and financial aid process to identify eligible students who have applied for GOAL. Once they have been identified the candidates and recommended scholarship amounts will be sent to Georgia GOAL for final approval.

Applicant Information

If you are an applicant and would like to inquire about how you can become eligible for the Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program at ELCA, please contact the ELCA Admissions office at (678) 818-1072.

Donor Information

If you would like more information about how you can redirect your state tax dollars to support this great program, please visit or contact Al Hosford, ELCA Director of Advancement at (678) 818-1031.