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Georgia GOAL

Supporting ELCA through Georgia GOAL

Interested in redirecting your state income tax liability for a dollar-for-dollar state tax credit, to support Eagle’s Landing Christian Academy’s financial aid program?  Please visit here for more information about our partnership with the Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program.


The Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program is much more than a way to redirect your tax dollars. GOAL is a tax strategy that allows Georgia taxpayers to redirect a portion of their state income tax for a dollar-for-dollar state tax credit, to provide financial aid for eligible* students to attend Eagle’s Landing Christian Academy. 



How Does This Help Our School?

You are already paying income taxes to the state. Why not redirect some of those taxes to provide Georgia children with Greater Opportunities for Access to Learning (GOAL)? When you redirect your Georgia income taxes to GOAL, you can designate that the contribution be used to provide financial aid at Eagle's Landing Christian Academy. Our school is then able to:


     • Increase the amount of financial aid that can be offered to new students

     • Preserve more of our existing financial aid to assist families already enrolled

     • Increase the funds available to improve educational and extracurricular offerings

     • Further our mission by reaching more families desiring Christian education



How Do I Participate?

Submit your GOAL Tax Credit Application online today.

Visit or contact Vickie Floyd at or 678 818-1078 if you have questions or need assistance.


GOAL Quick Links

     • Georgia GOAL FAQs

     • Tax Credit Details

     • Tax Filing Guidance



How Much Can I Redirect?

     • Single individual or head of household - $1,000

     • Married couple filing joint return - $2,500

     • Married couple filing separate return- $1,250

     • C Corporation - 75% percent of Georgia income tax liability or

     • S Corporation shareholder, LLC member, or partnership partner up to $10,000. Click here for more information.



Does this take the place of the annual ELCA Fund?

No. Georgia GOAL is not a financial gift. It is a tax strategy that provides a dollar-for-dollar tax credit to individuals or corporations who donate to scholarship funds earmarked for use by a specific private school.


Applicant Information

If you are an applicant and would like to inquire about how you can become eligible for the Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program at ELCA, please contact the ELCA Admissions office at (678) 818-1072.

*Students who are eligible to apply for the Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program include:
         • those who are presently enrolled in a public school
         • students entering kindergarten or first grade
         • students currently on the GOAL program at ELCA
         • homeschooled students who have been homeschooled for at least one year and are part of a homeschool program registered with the GA DOE
All students applying for admission into ELCA, including those who wish to apply for financial aid, must meet all admissions criteria and pay all application fees prior to entering the financial aid process. Learn more about ELCA's financial aid guidelines. Once eligible students have been identified, the candidates and recommended scholarship amounts are submitted to Georgia GOAL for final approval.