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Testimony - Tuition Assistance Programs

Life Changing.

Those 2 words are the first that come to mind when I think of how the Georgia GOAL program combined with ELCA have affected my family’s life.  When I look back a few years before my oldest daughter, Haley, first attended ELCA in the 9th grade, the best I could hope for her was just to graduate.  There were no higher spiritual or educational goals I could see for her given our life circumstances. 

As a single mother of 2 daughters, I was just trying to keep a roof over their heads but as a daughter of the King, He wanted so much more than just a roof.  He wanted an extended spiritual family, a Kingdom Education, a place to cultivate HIS purpose for my daughters.  This would require the contributions of what the Georgia GOAL has to offer, the administrative processes of ELCA and the faith of a single mother to send her daughters to ELCA and pay for the difference.  Through this process, my personal faith was tested and has grown as well.  Without all of these elements, none of what we have been given would have happened. 


I have very little to offer in return for what we have been given thru the Georgia GOAL and ELCA.  My children are not any more or less important than anybody else’s so how can this happen?  This happens because God orchestrated a Christian School in our community who partnered with a tax deferred program that awards monies to qualifying families to attend their school.  This happens because a previous ELCA family made me aware of this program and encouraged me to complete an application to the school and for Georgia GOAL.  When you add up the monies that have been paid towards my children’s education thru the many components, how does a mother say thank you?  How can I ever show enough gratitude for what we have been given?  For me one way is to put aside pride and be transparent and share what we have been blessed with through this partnership. 

The Future.

For my girls, their future is vastly different from where they started.  Haley is now a 2014 graduate of ELCA and in her 2nd year of College at Clayton State University. Her calling is to be a Nurse Practitioner and serve on the mission field assisting others thru medical needs.  This calling for her was made evident thru one of the many ELCA sponsored mission trips that she was blessed to be able to go on.  So ELCA and Georgia GOAL influenced her in God’s life work.

Hannah is a sophomore at ELCA and in involved in Cheerleading and Drama.  Her educational strengths are a direct result of ELCA’s small class sizes and personalized learning to enhance her education. Whatever the future holds for them will always be linked to what ELCA and Georgia GOAL afforded them through their programs.   

From a grateful mother’s heart, I cannot say THANK YOU for all who have supported ELCA and the Georgia GOAL through the years.  I invite anybody who has not participated to do so.  By doing this, you will be part of God’s work to educate children, bless families and change a life one student at a time. 

Thank you,

Robin Lamp