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High School » Academic Overview

Academic Overview

Graduation Requirements
Graduation requirements go beyond the required curriculum for most college admissions. The high school program includes required and elective courses, physical education, and a fine art course. Students in the high school attend a traditional 7 period day. The year is divided in to two semesters with a grade given at the end of each semester. All semester grades 9-12 become a part of the high school transcript. Grade point averages are computed using semester grades.
Honors Courses 2018-2019
Algebra I
Algebra II 
Ancient World History 
English - 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th  
Modern World History 
Spanish II  
Spanish III  
Spanish IV
US History 
AP Courses 2018-2019
Calculus AB  
Calculus BC 
Computer Science Principles 
English Language & Composition 
English Literature & Composition  
Human Geography
Physics I
Spanish Language 
Studio Art  
U.S. History  
U.S. Government & Politics 
World History 
Dual Enrollment Courses 2018-2019
American History I
American History II
Concepts in Biology
General Psychology
Introduction to Biology II
Introduction to Sociology
Principles of Microeconomics  
Grading Scale
All courses are included in a student's overall average. Students receive a numerical average which is assigned a grade point on a four point scale. Honors courses receive .5 (0.25 per semester) extra, advanced placement courses and dual enrollment courses receive 1 (0.5 per semester) point extra.