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Eagle's Landing Christian Academy

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Academic Overview

Graduation Requirements
Graduation requirements go beyond the required curriculum for most college admissions. The high school program includes required and elective courses, physical education, and a fine art course. Students in the high school attend a traditional 7 period day. The year is divided in to two semesters with a grade given at the end of each semester. All semester grades 9-12 become a part of the high school transcript. Grade point averages are computed using semester grades.
Honors Courses 2020-2021
Algebra II 
American Government
American Literature and Composition
Biology I
British Literature and Composition
Literary Genres and Composition
Modern World History
Spanish I
Spanish II  
Spanish III  
Spanish IV
U.S. History
World Geography
World History
World Literature and Composition
AP Courses 2020-2021
Calculus AB  
Calculus BC 
Computer Science Principles 
English Language & Composition 
English Literature & Composition  
European History
Human Geography
Modern World History 
Physics I
Spanish Language 
Studio Art  
U.S. History   
Dual Enrollment Courses 2020-2021
American History I
American History II
American Government
Computer Networking Foundations
Concepts in Biology
General Psychology
Introduction to Biology II
Introduction to Sociology
Program Design and Development 
Grading Scale
All courses are included in a student's overall average. Students receive a numerical average which is assigned a grade point on a four point scale. Honors courses receive .5 (0.25 per semester) extra, advanced placement courses and dual enrollment courses receive 1 (0.5 per semester) point extra.