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MERIT Accommodations

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Student Support Services
MERIT Program Description
Qualifications for receiving Student Support Services within the MERIT Program:
  • A student must be identified through a multi-faceted evaluation as having a learning difference in the area(s) of reading, written expression, math computation, problem solving, receptive or expressive language. Other areas of learning difference may include, but not limited to, organizational skills, attention problems, hyperactivity, spatial organization, sensory integration, speech and language, processing, social, and fine or gross motor skills.
  • The student must continue to function within the curriculum requirements for his/her grade level. There is no specialized instruction.
MERIT personnel will assist the identified student in becoming an active and  competent learner in the classroom in the following ways:  
  • MERIT personnel will work in conjunction with the student’s classroom teachers to develop a learning profile on each student.
  • MERIT personnel will develop an intervention plan that compliments the student’s learning profile and outlines the specific interventions that will be made for the student.
  • MERIT personnel will communicate regularly with classroom teachers to discuss the student’s progress and continuous needs.
  • MERIT personnel will submit regular progress updates to parents.
  • MERIT personnel will schedule parent meetings at the beginning of each semester. A mid-semester meeting may be held if deemed necessary by parents, teachers, or M.E.R.I.T. personnel.  
  • MERIT personnel will coordinate and assist with multi-faceted evaluations provided privately or through local school districts.
  • MERIT personnel will attend I.E.P. meetings at public schools.
  • MERIT personnel will collaborate with the school nurse regarding medication issues or concerns as necessary.
  • The MERIT Program will offer indirect support, direct support, or complete support to each student. Parents will select the option that best meets their child’s needs.