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Jeans for Missions

Fridays are **Jeans for Missions** Days

Each Friday of the school year, students have the opportunity to unite with missionaries around the world to share the hope of Jesus Christ. Giving one dollar per week makes a difference in the lives of others and wearing jeans is an outward sign that you are a partner in these ministries. Have you ever wondered where the money goes?

Covone Ministries (Phil and Jami Covone and volunteers) want to thank Eagle's Landing Christian Academy in McDonough, GA for their prayers and faithful financial support in helping us take the gospel to the people of San Luis Potosi, Mexico. The people living in the rural areas of Mexico have very little resource for the gospel. Their traditional religion has them worshiping images and legends that aren't real, and working for salvation as a chance to go to heaven for eternity. This video was made at La Polvora ranch an hour and a half outside the capital city of San Luis Potosi, in the state with the same name, San Luis Potosi. The people in this desert area have no running water, so they depend on rainwater for washing and watering, and they have many clever ways of catching it. Most homes are made of adobe, which decays rapidly, or stones, and most have dirt floors. Work is scarce, but many people have goats and sheep that they raise for their income. Depression, drunkenness, and drug abuse is common, especially in the men, probably due to the lack of work and education here. Covone Ministries holds two Bible studies each Friday at La Polvora, the first one is on the north side of the ranch, and the second is on the south side. Since most people don't have a vehicle to drive, they walk a long way to participate with the Bible study groups. If you'd like more info about Covone Ministries in Mexico, or want to see pictures and read stories from the mission field, you can find us at


ELCA provides over $1500 in monthly support toward the following ministries through Jeans for Missions...                        

Mission Quest - Phil and Jamie Covone in Mexico

Teach Beyond  - The Bishops working in Christian ministry in Budapest

Helping In His Name Food Pantry – Henry County  

Fellowship of Christian Athletes 

Grace Team – planting Christian schools in Africa


Would you prefer to donate to Jeans for Missions in one 'lump' sum? You may pay $35 per year ($1 for each Friday of the school year).