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Grasping the Baton

by Edd Tucker • Elementary Principal

Our Father controls all seasons…

even the seasons of our lives.

Edd Tucker

As I look out the window today, I see the promise of fall. October came in still feeling like summer, and she did not hand over the baton to the new season. However, as a believer, I know God decides when to pass the baton to a new season, a new chapter, a new opportunity, or a new beginning. Our Father controls all seasons… even the seasons of our lives.

I have been thinking for several months about the new season ahead for me and my wife, Marlene. We are getting older, but still full of energy. We are certainly in the fall season of our lives which may quickly turn into winter! The Lord has a plan before us. We are trusting Him for this next season of life.

A year from now, our lives will be quite different. Marlene and I will be officially retired in Austin, Texas. I won’t be getting up early to unlock classroom doors and pray for each student and teacher. I may not physically be walking the halls of ELCA, but my prayers will continue. It has been hard for me to hand over the baton of this season of life. I feel a great connection to the families, teachers and staff of our great school. I know and trust that Marlene and I will have many opportunities to volunteer, encourage, pray, and love those the Lord places in our path, just as He has here at ELCA.

In the months ahead, I pray that I will display every day the beautiful colors of fall in my smile, my daily commitment to Christ, my words, and my fervent prayers. I want to savor the moment, pursue peace, rejoice in God’s creation, passionately love others, especially those hurting in the world. I pray that I will learn contentment in this new season. I pray that I will open my eyes to October and see the beauty in this world. The colors should be breathtaking!

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