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Lord, Teach Me to Reach Out

by Edd Tucker • Elementary Principal

Human touch is so important to people. Psychologists have performed studies on the effects of physical touch and the problems created by the lack of touch. In Matthew, Jesus sets an example for us and how to treat people. “Jesus reached out his hand and touched the man (Matthew 8:3).” The man mentioned suffered from leprosy, a skin disease that inflicts people in such a way that others avoid contact with them. However, Jesus did not avoid contact with the man but instead reached out and touched the man and healed him.

Sometimes we treat others as if they have leprosy. In our classrooms or in the realm of our influence there may be students that we tend to avoid. I can think of people like that in my own life. Can you? I know I can see their faces in my mind. After asking Jesus to forgive us for doing this, we need to try and picture Him reaching out to these people through us.

Here at ELCA we have opportunities to reach out and touch others. A thumbs up, high five, or a fist bump can show support in a way that positively makes a difference in the life of a student. A kind word or a smile can bring healing to someone who is often avoided. A pat on the back or a hug (yes, I said hug your students) can brighten a student’s day. How will Jesus use you to reach out and touch others today?

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