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No Surprises

by Richard Allen • Spiritual Life Director

Sometimes, as we enter a new year, we get an anxious feeling about what’s ahead. There is a lot of uncertainty as we look at the international scene, the national scene, and the local scene. And when we bring it down to a personal level – no one knows what’s in store for us this coming year. If things are going great for us now, it could all change in a second of time. We never know!

As I read and studied Galatians recently (especially chapter 4, verse 4) I find great comfort. Paul said, “When the fullness of time had come.” Other translations state, “When it was the right time,” or “When it was the appropriate time,” He sent Jesus Christ to this world. What a blessing to know that God is always on time – never late – never early – always at the appropriate time! What an encouragement this should be for believers as we enter this new year, 2020.

What a great comfort we get from the psalmist David, as recorded in Psalm 31: 14, 15, “But I trust in you, O Lord; I say ‘You are my God’. My times are in your hand.” As we enter this new year, may we as believers, grab hold to those words of David – which is God’s Word to us. Nothing is going to surprise Him this year. Nothing is going to catch Him unprepared this year. May we say as David said – “I trust you Lord – You are my God”!

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