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What Does Biblical Worldview Integration Look Like?

by Shari Allen • Middle School Assistant Principal

Intentional Development of a Biblical Worldview

The following two statements probably sound very familiar to you as an ELCA family:

The mission of Eagle’s Landing Christian Academy is to glorify God by assisting parents in involving their children in a growing relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ through Kingdom Education.

The vision of Eagle’s Landing Christian Academy is to educate future generations to develop and embrace a God-centered worldview.

Those are the mission and vision statements guiding everything we do as a school. Our teachers plan every unit we teach with a focus on Biblical Worldview Integration or “BWI.” Much of the professional development work our faculty does is intentionally aimed at strengthening our ability to guide our students to “think Christianly” and apply God’s truth as we teach. Over the past several years; our staff has read professional books & articles, attended conferences, and listened to expert guest speakers on professional development days. The resulting discussions and work sessions among our staff have resulted in our own set of Biblical Content Objectives which connect specific truth from the Bible to each content area. As our teachers write lesson plans, they integrate these ELCA Biblical Content Objectives along with the academic learning standards.

As far as practical application in our classrooms, BWI looks like this in middle grade science classes:

In first grade language arts, students learn to write paragraphs using temporal words:

And in an honors algebra class, students reflect & write about graphing and analyzing data points:

We are all keenly aware that our children are constantly bombarded with information that is in direct conflict with God’s plan for our lives. The value of teaching our children to recognize God’s truth woven throughout every aspect of our lives is incalculable and has eternal impact. Our faculty at ELCA intentionally plans to teach the truth as we partner with you in your child’s educational process.

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