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Tutoring and Instructional Focus

Tutoring and Instruction Focus at ELCA

Every year, ELCA high school students complete a tutor-training session and offer tutoring services for students who require extra help in academics.  ELCA student tutors charge according to grade-level and offer 45-minute sessions.  See the list below:

  • K- 4th         $10 for a 45 min. session

  • 5th- 12th   $20 for a 45 min. session*


 *Students in 9th-12th who tutor during IF, must tutor 2 days to complete one 45-minute session.

Find or Become a Tutor at ELCA

Instructional Focus (IF) is a twenty-five-minute, non-credit-bearing course that affords students the opportunity for academic extension and/or enrichment during the school day.

  • Enrichment

  • Extension – IF Learning Lab

  • IF Extension on Fridays

  • IF Extension with Content Teacher

  • Self-Assessment Tracking Sheets


Have additional questions? Please contact 

Tutoring Facts to Remember

  • Tutoring can take place before or after school, or during Instructional Focus for grades 9-12. The earliest possible start time is 7:00 a.m. and 4:45 p.m. is the latest end time.

  • All tutoring takes place in a supervised setting. (teacher’s classroom or an area under video surveillance)

  • Student tutors are paid weekly through an agreed upon method. (cash, check, cash app. etc.)

  • Once matched, you will be contacted by the tutor to plan for time, dates, payment, and drop-off/pick-up location.

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