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The SAGE dining experience includes delicious selections from the hot bar, salad and sandwich bar, soup bar and grill and is included with tuition. Outside food is not permitted. Parents and guests may purchase lunch at the receptionist's desk for $6.00.

Preschool Guidelines

Snacks will be provided by the Early Learning Academy. A morning snack will be given to all students, and an afternoon snack will be given to students in the Extended Care. Lunch and/or milk can be purchased from the cafeteria on a daily basis for $5.00 a lunch and 45 cents for milk, OR your child can bring a lunch from home. Milk is required for lunch unless your child is allergic to milk and water can be substituted. Your child will have a choice of white or chocolate milk. If you do not wish for your child to have chocolate milk, please notify the teacher. We are a "nut aware campus" so NO PEANUT BUTTER will be allowed. Please be sure you send a healthy lunch. There are no refunds for lunches ordered unless school is cancelled for that day. If you fail to send a sack lunch or need to charge a lunch for the day your account will be billed $6.00.  

Free Style

Eating should be enjoyable and stress-free, even if you have a common food allergy. Free Style makes this possible by offering a variety of fresh, delicious recipes that don't include any of the top 12 allergens. To find out more about our allergen-free station, Free Style, click here

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