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  • Summer Assignments | Eagle's Landing Christian Academy | McDonough, GA

    SUMMER 2024 ASSIGNMENTS Rising 9th English Rising 10th English Rising 11th English Rising 12th English MERIT Rising 9th Reading MERIT Rising 10th Reading MERIT Rising 11th Reading MERIT Rising 12th Reading Summer Reading Challenge Information Summer Reading Challenge Going for the Gold Reading List Rising 8th English Rising 7th English Rising 6th English ***There are no middle school summer assignments for Honors math classes this year. For standards-based enrichment and math skills maintenance, we recommend Khan Academy at the appropriate grade-level.*** Rising 5th English HIGH SCHOOL HIGH SCHOOL (MERIT) MIDDLE SCHOOL (ALL STUDENTS) ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (rising 1st through 4th) MERIT Rising 8th Reading

  • Middle School | Eagle’s Landing Christian Academy | McDonough, GA

    EAGLE'S LANDING CHRISTIAN ACADEMY MIDDLE SCHOOL SCHOOL CULTURE DISTINCTIVES HIGH SCHOOL PREP CAMPUS SAFETY “Middle school years are hard years - years full of mistakes, learning, and growth. ELCA has given us an environment that offers a tremendous balance of accountability and grace; one that walks alongside my girls, reinforcing what we value as a family — a gospel-centered worldview. I have never questioned their physical or emotional safety with teachers and administration. Everyone has given them the space to grow as a person, become independent and figure out what God has uniquely created them to do.” ​ -Heather, ELCA Parent Middle school is more than a transition from elementary to high school — it's a season of growth for your child. At this stage, they are learning about their passions and building friendships. They are also balancing more responsibilities at school and at home. You may notice your child asking deeper questions, seeking the truth about God and life. As a parent, you may wonder how your child's education will shape their middle school years. Are they going to be ready for high school? Will they meet teachers and friends who care for them? Are they discovering more about how God's Word impacts their lives? At Eagle's Landing Christian Academy , we value the things that matter to you as a middle school parent. We strive to equip middle schoolers in pursuing excellence through their God-given gifts. Below you will have an overview of our biblical, college-prep program, including our school culture, distinctives, high school-prep, and campus safety. MIDDLE SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION Andy Whitlock MIDDLE SCHOOL PRINCIPAL Cathie Kelly MIDDLE SCHOOL DEAN OF STUDENTS Holly Capp, LCSW SCHOOL COUNSELOR SOCIAL WORKER WORLD IMPACT DIRECTOR Courtney Buckley ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT MIDDLE SCHOOL COURSE SEQUENCE TIPS FOR NEW STUDENTS/PARENTS In middle school, your child is building their identity. Their experiences start to shape how they see the world and how they navigate challenges, relationships, and interactions with peers and mentors. As a parent, you know that influences play a key part in these short and precious years. The love and knowledge of God is at the heart of ELCA's school culture. Our biblical worldview nurtures middle schoolers, so that they can grow in Christ-likeness. We promote an environment that encourages respect, understanding, and cooperation among our students, through: Differentiated Learning. Each child has their unique learning style and strengths. We value such differences by having small class sizes and teachers who are intentional about discovering our students' learning pace and areas of interest. Our MERIT Program supports students with diagnosed learning differences with resources that build success in the classroom. ​ C hara ct er Development. The Bible is at the core of our teachings. Our curriculum is deeply embedded with God-centered principles, helping middle schoolers to understand the heart and mind of Christ. We strive to inspire our students' character through the lessons they learn. Open Communication. We honor our students' thoughts and concerns. Should your child need one-on-one time to talk, we have a dedicated counselor who is available to listen. As a learning community, we also discuss topics about showing respect and compassion to others. Partnering with Parents. We encourage parents to volunteer, share their thoughts, and be involved in their child's development. We believe that middle schoolers can make strides in their progress when we collaborate with parents like you. A Thriving Community that Puts Christ at the Center. Want to reinforce the values you teach at home? We do too. See how for yourself. Schedule Your Visit Why do parents choose ELCA? Academic Rigor Our middle schoolers are challenged with a strong academic program designed to prepare them for high school, college, and beyond. They are continuously engaged in subjects taught from a biblical perspective, helping them gain knowledge in light of God's Word. ​ Leadership Opportunities ELCA middle school students have several opportunities to sharpen their leadership skills. They can join the Student Government Association, and organizations such as the National Junior Beta Club. We also encourage them to take roles in weekly chapel services and daily prayer time. Enriched Learning Learning doesn't stop at the four walls of the classroom. Our middle schoolers enjoy a variety of enriching electives such as robotics, art , foreign language, band, drama, and more. Clubs including chess, aviation, World Impact trips, marching band, and chorale will cultivate your child's inner passions. ​ Competitive Athletics Our students develop strength, discipline, character, and teamwork through many opportunities for competitive athletics . Your child can participate in team sports such as baseball, basketball, cheer cross country, lacrosse, football, volleyball, wrestling, and more. The middle school transition can be challenging. But it doesn’t have to be. See how we can help. Schedule a Visit ​ ​ There's no greater feeling than knowing that your child is confident and ready to step into their future plans. At ELCA, we place a strong emphasis on preparing our middle schoolers for the opportunities that await them in high school, college, and life. ​ Executive Function Training As fundamental components of our program, students learn time management, staying organized, focusing on the right tasks, and prioritizing goals. These executive function skills can help your child thrive as responsibilities and pace increase in high school. ​ Stimulating Subjects and Specials Middle schoolers also have the opportunity to take honors math and English classes. For specials, all students engage in a fine arts class of their choice, allowing them to express their creativity and refine their craft. ​ Maximizing Potential Our committed teachers set high, but realistic expectations for students. We believe in recognizing each student's strengths, and working with them to become the best versions of themselves. We offer leadership seminars and spiritual retreats — unique ways for pre-teens to be mentored in their academic and spiritual growth. ​ Class Schedules Our students follow a balanced but structured schedule with breaks built into the day. The 7:55 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. school day is designed to give adequate instructional time for every subject, making sure that all topics are covered for the day. Setting A Strong Foundation for Their Success. When you enroll your child at ELCA, we recognize there is a transfer of trust that we will care for their well-being and safety. We are committed to our students’ well-being, by putting measures in place such as locked doors, security monitoring systems, and visitor check-ins. ​ Our beautiful, 86-acre campus is located within Eagle’s Landing First Baptist Church. We have a middle school wing that features multiple classrooms, newly added state-of-the-art activity centers, secure outdoor spaces, and a football stadium. A Commitment To Our Students’ Well-Being Schedule an on-campus or virtual tour and see first-hand why families choose Eagle’s Landing Christian Academy for their middle schoolers. You may also contact us at (678) 818-1072 or email for any questions. We look forward to meeting you! See for yourself!

  • World Impact: Missions and Outreach | Eagle's Landing Christian Academy | McDonough, GA

    ELCA World Impact extends curriculum beyond the classroom to provide our ELCA families with cultural, educational, and ministerial experiences both locally and globally. The purposes for World Impact MISSION trips are to build true disciples of Jesus Christ and to foster opportunities for these disciples to impact the world with the Gospel. Students are mobilized to go beyond the classroom and the community of McDonough. The endeavors purposefully partner with ministries established in other regions of the country and world. The purpose for World Impact NON-MISSION (academic/adventure) trips is to expose students to educational venues outside of a traditional classroom. Eagle’s Landing Christian Academy is built upon a framework of Kingdom Education and these trips aim to highlight unique parts of the world that God has created for His glory and our enjoyment. ​ TRIPS FOR 2024-25 ​ REGISTRATION BEGINS ON MAY 1, AND PROCEEDS AS OUTLINED BELOW. DEPOSITS ARE APPROXIMATELY 10% OF TRIP TOTAL AND ARE DUE BEGINNING MAY 2. DETAILS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANY TIME. BILLING BEGINS JUNE 1AND CONTINUES UNTIL THE MONTH BEFORE DEPARTURE. PAYMENTS ARE MADE VIA THE STUDENTS' FACTS ACCOUNT. RISING SENIORS – 5PM TO 6PM RISING JUNIORS – 6PM TO 7PM RISING SOPHOMORES – 7PM T0 8PM RISING FRESHMEN – 8PM TO 9PM *This registration on May 1 will hold a spot until May 2 when the deposit is received. If the deposit is not received by 3PM on May 2, this spot will be replaced by a student on the waitlist. ​ ELEMENTARY Rock Eagle (3rd Grade) • October 21 & 22 • $125 ​ MIDDLE SCHOOL The Wilds • September 10-13, 2024 • $270 • CLICK HERE Jr Beta Club Convention • Week of December 2-6, 2024 (3 days only TBD) Charleston (7th Grade) • April 2-4, 2025 • $750 • CLICK HERE Washington, DC (8th Grade) • April 1-4, 2025 • $1650 • CLICK HERE Puerto Rico Mission Trip with ELFBC • February 15-21, 2025 • CLICK HERE ​ HIGH SCHOOL Disney Senior Trip • January 6-11, 2025 • $1450 • CLICK HERE Sea Camp • Spring 2025 dates TBD • $1800 • CLICK HERE College Exposure Trip • September 14-17, 2024 • $1250 • CLICK HERE Senior Outing on the Ocoee River • August 9, 2024 (billed with senior fees) Costa Rica - Spanish Language Immersion Trip • February 13-18, 2025 • $2545 • CLICK HERE Rome/Florence/Pompeii Trip • April 5-11, 2025 • $4045 • TRAVELER APPLICATION • CLICK HERE Alaska Ministry and Adventure Trip • April 2-9, 2025 • $2500 • CLICK HERE Jamaica Mission Trip • April 2-9, 2025 • $2500 • CLICK HERE Dominican Republic Mission Trip • April 3-8, 2025 • $2250 • CLICK HERE MISSIONS & OUTREACH ELCA WORLD IMPACT IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS Registration begins on May 1 for World Impact trips. Our registration process is tiered to allow older students an opportunity to travel first. However, their advantage is limited to one additional hour on May 1 (see below). For underclassmen, attempting to register before a designated time slot will result in being placed on a waitlist. For all students, a spot is not secured until the deposit is received on May 2. This money will be paid to Mrs. Capp in the High School Commons Area beginning at 7:00AM on May 2. After 3:00PM on May 2, any student who has not paid the deposit will be replaced by a student on the waitlist. ​ Mission trips require a "trip application". These applications are to be submitted to Mrs. Capp by May 15. ​ Registration will open at 5:00PM for rising seniors, 6:00PM for rising juniors, 7:00PM for rising sophomores, and 8:00PM for rising freshmen, Again, please do not register prior to your designated time. ​ Things to consider when registering: Deposits are non-refundable. The deposit and trip authorization form is required at signup. Deposit should be made in cash/check (made payable to ELCA). Billing is NOT available for paying the deposit. Departure dates are subject to change based on airfare and availability. Separate deposits are required when registering for more than one trip (e.g. two checks are required if registering for two trips). Trips will likely fill up. A waitlist will be used to fill in spots. The registration portal will stay open until May 15 (unless closed already due to reaching max capacity). On May 15, the rosters will be set based on the registrants during this 2 week period. In August, new students will be given a chance to join a team roster if space allows. Students MUST be enrolled at ELCA for the year in which the trip will take place PRIOR to registering for a trip. A student is NOT allowed to be on a list until after they are enrolled or re-enrolled. Un-enrolled students who sign up will be removed from the trip list. No spot will be held while enrollment is being processed. The Senior Trip to Disney does NOT require a deposit. The account will be billed in 6 installments from June to November. Seniors are only allowed a second trip if their first trip is the Disney Senior Trip. Classes are cancelled for Seniors the week of the Disney Trip in the expectation that all Seniors are traveling to Disney. Contact Mrs. Holly Capp directly for questions at A background check is required for any adult traveling on an overnight trip. All trips are subject to change. If a minimum number is not met, a trip could be canceled. The deposit would be returned on canceled trips and an attempt will be made to place the student on another trip. Parents of High School students are allowed to travel on the Europe trip but no other trip due to space limitations. The cost for the parent is the same as the cost for a student. Parents of Middle School students are allowed to travel on the Washington, DC and Charleston trips. The cost for the parent is the same as the cost for a student. All pricing of trips is based on quad occupancy. Rooms with fewer numbers will be billed at a higher rate. ​ ​ Scholarships are available through the World Impact Program in May of each year. Students are invited to write an essay about their need and desire to serve on this trip. The essays are due by May 10 each year and recipients will be notified at the final chapel service of the year. ​ Fundraising is limited to assisting with the World Impact Program. Students are encouraged to raise support for their trips through letter-writing campaigns targeting their family and friends. Money that is mailed to ELCA on behalf of a student will be eligible for a charitable donation through the tax code. We encourage individuals making contributions to consult with their tax professional for documentation of donation. IMPORTANT DETAILS We work diligently to be good stewards of all monies donated for World Impact trips. When there are funds remaining from a particular trip, those funds will be placed into the general budget of World Impact to assist with our overall World Impact program. ​ Trip Authorization Form ​ Policies & Procedures ​ Mission Trip Application ​ Medical Consent Form ​ Code of Conduct Agreement (student travelers) ​ Statement of Cooperation (parent travelers)

  • ELCA Daily News | Eagle's Landing Christian Academy | McDonough

    ELCA Daily News Subscribe Now PTF Uniform Resale Sale runs May 22 from 12-5PM and May 23 from 8AM - 12PM. Volunteers will receive 1/2 off their purchases! Student volunteers are welcome to assist. Sign up HERE . Art Camp Registration is now open! Rising K5-6th grade students are welcome to join us for fun & creative week! Click HERE to sign up! Follow us on social media Keep up-to-date on all of the great things happening here at ELCA! Follow, like, and engage in our posts when you can. New Head of School We are pleased to announce the appointment of ELCA's new Head of School, Dr. Keith Curlee, beginning July 2024. Find out more about his background and family here . ​ Quiz Bowl Any Middle or High school student interested in Quiz Bowl can stop by Room 245 to see Mr. Owen. Questions? Email . Math Boot Camp Need a boost when it comes to Elementary math? Take part in our summer Math Boot Camp offered in June. Click HERE to register! 2023 Parade of Nations The ELCA Fund Why is it important that I give to the ELCA Fund? You Bridge the Gap Your participation in the ELCA Fund bridges the gap between the total cost of operating our school and tuition revenue It takes tuition and charitable donations to provide the distinctive qualities that ELCA offers including smaller classes, exemplary teachers, exceptional academics, fine arts, and athletic programs, more personal attention, and an unapologetically Christian foundation for our students. Also, gifts to the ELCA Fund are tax-deductible whereas tuition is not. Give Today Keep it Current! ELCA works hard to deliver timely, informative and complete information to our ELCA family through our website, social media feeds, weekly reminder emails, and monthly newsletters. That means it's very important to keep your contact information updated in FACTS SIS. If you have a change in email, phone number, or address, please email those changes to to be updated. Subscribe Now The sending number for texts is (206) 210-9956. Be sure to add this number to your contacts as ELCA NEWS so that you recognize ELCA text messages. ​ Camp 323 Click the graphic above to discover more about summer camp for K-5th grades! Camp is held at Eagle’s Landing FBC June 10-14, 2024. Student of the Month/Honor Roll Elementary AB Honor Roll Elementary A Honor Roll Middle School AB Honor Roll Middle School A Honor Roll High School AB Honor Roll High School A Honor Roll Student of the Month for Dec , Jan , & Feb Science Camp Registration is open for Science Camp! Rising K5-6th grade students are welcome to attend! Click HERE to sign up.

  • Athletics Department | Eagle's Landing Christian Academy | McDonough

    EAGLE'S LANDING CHRISTIAN ACADEMY ATHLETICS DEPARTMENT INFORMATION PROGRAMS, SCHEDULES, AND SCORES NOTABLE ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS STUDENT ATHLETIC FORMS ATHLETIC STAFF TICKETS BOOSTER CLUB CHARGERS ALUMNI DIRECTIONS TO FACILITIES ELCA has had 41 State Final Four appearances, 24 State Runner-Up appearances, 18 State Championships & 30 Individual State Champions. ​ In 2015, our Varsity softball team became the 1st team in GHSA history to win 7 State Championships. ​ In 2019, our Varsity football team, became the 1st team in GHSA history to win 5 State Championships in a row. The Chargers have won 6 State Championships total. BASEBALL: 2005 (Final 4), 2007 (State Runner-Up), 2006, 2013 (State Champs) BASKETBALL: 2016 (Girls Final 4), 2018 (Boys Final 4), 2019 (State Runner-Up) FOOTBALL: 2011, 2013, 2021 (Final 4), 2014 (State Runner-Up), 2012, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 (State Champs) GOLF: 2006, 2015 (Boys Final 4) SOFTBALL: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2013, 2014, 2015 (State Champs), 2017 (Final 4), 2021 (Final 4) TRACK & FIELD: 2017 (Girls Final 4), 2009, 2016, 2018 (Boys Final 4), 2015, 2016 (Girls State Runner-Up), 2010 (Boys State Runner-Up), 2014 (Girls State Champs), 2017 (Boys State Champs) VOLLEYBALL: 2011 (State Champs), 2013, 2014 (Final 4), 2021 (Final 4) ATHLETIC CALENDAR ATHLETIC HANDBOOK ELCA is a gospel-centered, Kingdom-focused, college preparatory school that exists to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the glory of God. Our athletic program supports this commitment through Kingdom Athletics. NOTABLE ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS BOOSTER CLUB MISSION STATEMENT The Eagle's Landing Christian Academy Athletic Booster Club exists to glorify God by promoting Christian sportsmanship and providing a cooperative bond between members, coaches, athletes, and school administration with active and working participation that will improve, enhance, and elevate the athletic program of ELCA. ​ ​ ​ BOOSTER CLUB BOARD OF DIRECTORS 2023-24 Eddy Wright President 678 796-5325 ​ Michael Darden Vice-President ​ Howard Lemons Treasurer ​ Janel Tyler Secretary ​ Cindy Wright Jennifer Doerr Spirit wear ​ Jacqueline Lilly Membership ​ Matt Harless Corporate Membership ​ Stacy Doerr Member/Parking team ​ Matt Tyler Member/Parking team ​ Ted Reagan Member/Special Projects ​ ___________________________________ ​ Jessica Lester Concessions Manager ​ JOIN THE ATHLETIC BOOSTER CLUB SUPPORT OUR STUDENTS Dear ELCA Parents, ​ I wanted to share with you and your family to let you know that now is the time to join the ELCA Booster Club. Joining the Booster Club is a great way to support the student-athletes and the teams that represent ELCA Athletics. ​ ELCA has a rich and proud tradition of excellence on and off the playing fields. The ELCA Booster Club’s financial contributions have made great impacts on all the ELCA sports teams and the many athletes that have participated in our programs throughout the years. By joining the ELCA Athletic Boosters you will be helping fund opportunities for our ever-developing sports programs. Our recent projects include the resurface of the track and the funding for the new hitting facility! ​ There are many different levels of sponsorship available so that you can help support ELCA Athletics. Each one is designed to meet the needs you may have as either a Corporate Sponsorship or an Individual/Family Sponsorship. All membership levels include Two (2) free entries into all the sporting events held on the campus here at ELCA. Joining the ELCA Booster Club is the only way that you can get in free to all the athletic events on campus. The only exclusion would be all GHSA playoff games in the respective sports. You will also get a minimum of two Homecoming Dinner tickets. Maybe you would want to know where you will sit at the football games, we have a level for that starting with our Bronze level. Maybe you would like to advertise your business; we have a few levels (Silver, Gold, and Platinum) which can help you with that. ​ Seating in the Blue Booster section at the stadium is premium seating. We need to show our support for ELCA Football by filling it up each game. We will offer with the bronze level and above the ability to purchase extra seats for $75.00 a seat for the whole season. So, if you need more than the two seats that come with the membership you can now purchase more with this option. This is reduced from past years. Priority will be given first to renewals from last year and then new requests based on the date we receive the form. ​ Booster passes will change this year as we will transition from Ticket Spicket to GoFan to manage our game passes. GoFan will not use an app but will be web-based. ​ Heading up our Booster Membership team this year will be: Jaqueline Lilly (Membership/Sponsorship) Matt Harless and Eddy Wright (Corporate and Business Membership/Sponsorship) ​ We would appreciate your support and you can see the attached form to join. Just send it in with your child and we can bill your account for your membership. This year we have added to the bottom of our membership form a pay in three payments line. Just check that line if you would like for us to bill you in three payments. We understand at the start of the new school year that expenses add up and we hope that the new payment in three can be of assistance to your family. ​ Sincerely, Eddy Wright President - ELCA Booster Club JOIN THE BOOSTER CLUB CHARGER COLLEGE SIGNINGS CLASS OF 2023 Allen Calderon – Indiana Tech (Wrestling) Brhea Covington - Piedmont University (Cross Country) DJ Chester – LSU (Football) Malachi Futch – Shorter University (Football) Charlie Gilliam – Wake Forest (Football) Jacque Holley – Stetson University (Football) Colton Hood – Auburn (Football) RJ Johnson –Arkansas (Football) Faith Rush - Tennessee Tech (Softball) Bo Shuler - College of Costal Georgia (Golf) Zach Owens – Clemson (Football) CLASS OF 2022 Tyler Abrams – LaGrange College (Lacrosse) Christina Barrow – Duke University (Volleyball) Bria Bellamy – Emmanuel University (Basketball) Michael Clark – Berry College (Football) Carter Kelley – Shorter University (Lacrosse) Cheridyn Leverette – UCLA (Volleyball) Asia Queen - Emmanuel University (Volleyball) Jason Reynolds – Northwestern University (Football) Cam Sigur – Florida A&M University (Football) Peter Simmons – Georgia State University (Football) Liam Thomas – Emmanuel University (Lacrosse) Madeline Thomas – Emmanuel University (Soccer) Joe Traylor – United States Military Academy (Football) Christian White – Florida State University (Football) ​ CLASS OF 2021 Kaleb Anthony – University of Connecticut (Football) Megan Darden - Truett McConnell University (Soccer) Jalisa Dunlap - Jacksonville University (Basketball) Bryson Estes - Florida State University (Football) Savannah Fallaw - Georgia Southern University (Soccer) Phillip Massengale - Shorter University (Football) Martyna Radzicka - Anderson University (Basketball) Josh Rogers - Berry College (Football) Keslynn Oxendine - Texas A&M University (Basketball) Charis Spence - Dartmouth College (Football) Isabelle Sullivan - Truett McConnell University (Softball) Victoria Zember – Auburn University (Equestrian) ​ CLASS OF 2020 Marquis Black – University of Nebraska (Football) Jeremy Butler – Georgia State University (Football) Devon Dorsey – Miami University (Football) Deion Fisher – Georgia Tech (Football) Hunter Hardeman - Shorter University (Lacrosse) Leah Henry - Brewton-Parker College (Softball) Weronika Hipp – Clemson University (Basketball) Keaton Mitchell – East Carolina University (Football) Shedrick Rhodes, Jr – Ohio University (Football) Justin Robinson – University of Georgia (Football) Jordan Smalls – Rider University (Basketball) Morgan Thomas – Kansas University (Soccer) David Wingfield – Reinhardt University (Football) Wright, Gabe – University of Pennsylvania (Football) ​ CLASS OF 2019 India Bellamy – Rice University (Basketball) Emma Carter- Georgia Southwestern State University (Soccer) Lyndsey Darden- Truett-McConnell University (Soccer) Chloe Evans- ABAC (Soccer) Kelvin (KJ) Jones II – Emmanuel College (Basketball) Katie McDonald- Georgia Military College (Softball) Justin Menard - University of Central Florida (Football) Jelan Pearson - Carson-Newman University (Football) Trevon Reddish – College of Charleston (Basketball) Tre Riddick – Reinhardt University (Football) Josh Smith - Georgia Highlands (Baseball) Cassidi Thomas- West Georgia University (Soccer) Felix Uadiale - Maryville College (Basketball) Johnathan Youngblood - Air Force Academy (Football) Evan Zember - Air Force Academy (Football) CLASS OF 2018 Tyrese Black – University of Central Florida (Football) Omar Daniels –Tennessee Wesleyan University (Track & Field) Tre’ Douglas - Vanderbilt University (Football) Gavin George - Mercer University (Football) Josh Holt - University of Missouri (Baseball) Khaleb Hood - Georgia Southern University (Football) Brittany Major - Mercer University (Volleyball) Josh Mays – Troy University (Football) Ethan McClure - Carson-Newman University (Football) Palmer Pinholster - Georgia Tech (Softball) Sean Queen - Liberty University (Football) Harrison Taylor - Appalachian State University (Football) Kennedy Thomas – Oglethorpe University (Volleyball) Kayland Thomason - Brenau University (Track & Field) Thaddeus Underwood - Charleston Southern (Football) Caris Wright - Auburn University at Montgomery (Softball) CLASS OF 2017 Eriana Ansley - Mars Hill University (Volleyball) Olivia Beasley - Truett-McConnell College (Volleyball) Cat Buckley – Delta State University (Soccer) T’aja Cameron – Mississippi State University (Track & Field) Zach Daniels – University of Tennessee (Baseball) Trevor Gear – Bethune–Cookman University (Football) Mason Green – Tennessee State University (Basketball) Coleson Hornsby – Toccoa Falls College (Soccer) Kenneth McCollough-Lomax - Malone University (Basketball) Spencer O'Neal – Mars Hill University (Football) Alex Usry – Charleston Southern (Football) Jeffrey Uzzell - University of Tennessee (Track & Field) Kaitlyn Yancey – Newberry College (Lacrosse) CLASS OF 2016 Montero Boyd – West Virginia State University (Football) Kirsten Burks – Point University (Competition Cheerleading) Macey Dunaway – Truett McConnell College (Softball) Matthew Dunaway – Truett McConnell College (Baseball) Brooke Echols – Troy University (Softball) Donald Hammond, III – Air Force (Football) Dalton Hardeman - Truett McConnell College (Wrestling) Cole Ganopulos – University of South Carolina (Baseball Jordan Long – Valdosta State (Golf) Lynnlee Mather – Wingate University (Volleyball) Chanel Newcomer – Auburn University at Montgomery (Softball) Parker Pinholster – Auburn University at Montgomery (Softball) Malia Randolph – Hofstra University (Volleyball) Chandler Reeves – Clemson (Football) Sara Sullivan – Truett McConnell College (Softball) Alexei Young – Agnes Scott College (Softball) CLASS OF 2015 Dazmon Cameron - AAA Toledo Mudhens, Detroit Tigers Org. (Baseball) Antwaun Campbell - Avila University (Football) Nick Dawson - University of Southern Mississippi (Football) Casey Durham – Tallahassee Community College (Softball) Allie Perry –Shorter University (Lacrosse) Ryan Meneely – Auburn University (Football) Bre Laney – University of Georgia (Volleyball) Joanna Ferreira – Agnes Scott College (Volleyball) Jaylen Smith – Kennesaw State University (Baseball) Hunter Sowell – Young Harris College (Baseball) Christian Yancey – Mississippi State University (Track) Michael Krueger - Limestone College (Baseball) Tori Shook – Valdosta State – (Cheer) CLASS OF 2014 Beau Beasley – Point University (Football) Dalton Etheridge – Jacksonville State University (Football) Andrew Gomez- Georgia Regents University (Baseball) Andrew Williams – Auburn University/Jacksonville Jaguars (Football) Josh Shockley – Auburn University (Football) Conner Smith - Emmanuel College (Baseball) CLASS OF 2013 Natalie Brown - Point University (Soccer) Patrick Busscher - North Greenville University (Baseball) DJ Curl – Charleston Southern University (Football) Keyante Green – Purdue University (Football) Marquis Griffin – Air Force Academy (Football) Jacob Heyward – University of Miami/AA Richmond Flying Squirrels, San Francisco Giants Org. (Baseball) Cameron Ragsdale - Gulf Coast State College (Baseball) Isaac Rochell – University of Notre Dame/Los Angeles Chargers (Football) Tyler Petty - University of West Georgia (Football) Josh Smith – South Georgia State College (Baseball) CLASS OF 2012 Mara Green – Florida State University/Hämeenlinna Lentopallo Kerho, Finland (Volleyball) Sebastian Hicks – Mercer University (Football) Jasmine Jakes – Oglethorpe University (Soccer) Kevin Martin – University of Tampa (Baseball) Justin Thomason – University of North Carolina (Football) Rachel Tolleson - Emanuel College (Volleyball) Joe Walker – United States Military Academy, West Point (Football) CLASS OF 2011 Taylor Echols – University of Georgia (Basketball) Tanner Rogers – Charleston Southern University (Football) Christian Reeves – The College of William & Mary (Football) Lauren Teknipp – University of Georgia (Volleyball) Matt Rochell – Air Force Academy (Football) Connor Wetherington – Valdosta State University (Football) Avery Sebastian – University of California, Berkley (Football) Symone Ball – Piedmont College (Basketball) CLASS OF 2010 Julia Echols – Mississippi State University (Softball) Luke Baker – University of Georgia (Cross County/Track) Carli Shultis – University of Georgia (Soccer) Will Evans – Georgia Southern University (Golf) Patrick Long – Jacksonville University (Baseball) Kacie Patterson - Perimeter College (Softball) CLASS OF 2009 Hope Rush - Georgia Tech (Softball) Kayla Cooper - Shorter University (Softball) Taylor Bates - Brenau University (Soccer) Mike Tankersley – Georgia Southwestern State University (Basketball) Michael Smith - Randolph–Macon College (Football) CLASS OF 2008 Daniel Black – University of Georgia (Track & Field) Jake Davies – Georgia Tech (Baseball) Travis Rogers – Gardner Webb University (Track & Field) CLASS OF 2007 Phillip Brown –– Georgia Southwestern State University/Eyres-Moncube Fargue Coudures, France (Basketball) Cameron Panther – Shorter University (Football) Russ Cooper – Perimeter College (Baseball) Jessica Loper – University of South Carolina, Aiken (Volleyball) Chelsea Stephens – Western Kentucky University (Swimming) Harry Nutter – Reinhardt College (Baseball) Brian Satterfield – Columbus State University (Baseball) Gabe Shivers – Young Harris (Baseball) CLASS OF 2006 Christian White – Truett-McConnell College (Baseball) CLASS OF 2005 Alex Huber – Purdue University (Football) Cole Springer – Dartmouth College (Football) CLASS OF 1995 Walker Cook – Lees-McCrae College (Basketball/Golf) CLASS OF 1994 Brian Deberry – Berry College (Basketball) CLASS OF 1988 Earl Parker – University of Georgia (Football) DIRECTIONS TO FACILITIES ELCA: HOME FOR BASEBALL, BASKETBALL, FOOTBALL, LACROSSE, SOCCER, SOFTBALL, TRACK, VOLLEYBALL, AND WRESTLING COMPETITIONS 2400 Hwy 42 North, McDonough, GA 30253 EAGLE'S LANDING COUNTRY CLUB (ELCA'S HOME GOLF COURSE) 100 Eagles Landing Way, Stockbridge, GA 30281 STUDENT FORMS ATHLETIC INFORMATION Eagle's Landing Christian Academy's athletic program includes 12 varsity sports as well as opportunities to participate at the JV, MS, and Youth levels in a variety of sports. ELCA participates in the Georgia High School Association (Region 5 Class AA) and competes at a high level year after year. Athletics is an integral part of the educational process that impacts the lives of many students. Our goal is to pursue with excellence an athletic program that seeks to glorify God and to use athletics as a tool to teach, coach, and model Jesus Christ. Scott Queen Athletic Director 678.818.1045 ATHLETIC CALENDAR ​ ELCA utilizes GoFan for all athletic ticket sales. Go to GoFan to purchase your tickets. No money will be taken at the gate as we will not be selling paper tickets at any of our athletic events. ATHLETIC HANDBOOK ATHLETIC HANDBOOK PROGRAMS, SCHEDULES, and SCORES Scott Queen Athletic Director Head Track & Field Coach Office: 678.818.1045 Cell: 770.560.4183 ​ Cory Carter Head Wrestling Coach Cell: 770.990.8953 ​ Ken Loach Head Lacrosse Coach Cell: 404.731.1952 ​ Paige Loyd Head Girls' Soccer Coach Cell: 770.978.3827 ​ Andretti Loyd Head Boys' Basketball Coach Cell: 478.365.0106 ​ Heidi McClure Assistant Athletic Director Calendar Coordinator Office: 678.818.1035 ​ Matt McKinney Head Cross Country Coach Cell: 229.938.3899 ​ Tom Murray Head Volleyball Coach Cell: 770.310.6817 ​ Will Owen Head Golf Coach Cell: 770.346.9051 ​ Juan Pagan Athletic Manager Cell: 254.458.8158 Cynthia Petty Head Cheer Coach Cell: 770.630.3957 ​ Cody Poole Boys Soccer Coach Cell: 770.895.9014 ​ Luke Raines Assistant Athletic Director Director of MS & Youth Sports Cell: 843.307.2292 ​ Tanner Rogers Head Football Coach Cell: 770.871.6102 ​ Bo Rush Head Baseball & Softball Coach Cell: 678.326.9370 ​ Greg Shook Head Girls' Basketball Coach Cell: 678.283.8951 ​ Stephanie Vasquez , MEd, ATC, LAT Athletic Trainer Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Sports Medicine Cell: 678.902.2821 ​ ​ ​ LETTER FROM THE TRAINER DRAGONFLY MAX GUIDE LETTER JACKETS PRE-ATHLETIC PARTICIPATION PHYSICAL EVALUATION FORM ATHLETIC STAFF FALL SPORTS Cross Country, Football , Softball, Spirit Cheer, Volleyball ​ WINTER SPORTS Boys' Basketball , Girls' Basketball , Wrestling ​ SPRING SPORTS Baseball, Golf , Boys' Lacrosse , Girls' Lacrosse , Boys' Soccer , Girls' Soccer , Track & Field ​ ​

  • Summer Camps at ELCA | Eagle's Landing Christian Academy | McDonough, GA

    JOIN US THIS SUMMER FOR GREAT CAMPS! Rising K5-6th grade students are welcome to join us for a fun and creative week of art camp. June 24 - 27 9:00AM-12PM Click to register! Math Boot Camp gives your child tools that will allow them to excel in mathematics. Camps are held at ELCA at various dates listed below. Camp runs from 9AM-12PM. Questions? Contact Glarretter Brown at ​ Rising 1st + 2nd Graders: June 3-6 (SOLD OUT) Rising 4th + 5th Graders: June 17-20 Rising 3rd Graders: June 24-27 Rising 1st-2nd graders Rising 4th & 5th graders Rising 3rd graders Here’s your chance to learn to code OR Improve your coding skills! Plus…Critical Thinking Skills - Coding Terminology - Math Skills INFO COMING SOON • June 7-10 • Rising grades 4-9 REGISTRATION FORM • June 20-23 * 9:00AM-12:00PM Rising K-8th grade students... Join us to complete a fun scrapbooking project! Where kids will Play It, Create It, Perform It, Rec It and Learn to Live It! June 10-14 • 9AM - 4PM Students completing grades K5-5 Young Chargers Enrichment Program students will attend Camp 323. Camp 323 Info and Registration Rising K5-6th grade students are welcome to experience science camp! ​ June 24 - 27 1:00PM-4:00PM ​ Click to register! Why sit still when you can FAST FORWARD over the summer? ELCA's Day Camp Ages 5 years to rising 8th grade Summer Fall Break Thanksgiving Break Mid-Winter Break MORE YCEP INFO Angie Rush • Program Director ​ ​ Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an speech, in life, in love, in faith, and in purity. —1 Timothy 4:12 ​ The mission of the Young Chargers Enrichment Program is to lead young people to become good examples in speech, in life, in love, in faith, and in purity through character education and recreational activities. YCEP provides a service to parents by supplying safe, quality, and loving, Christian-based care for students in our school and community just completing Kindergarten through 6th grade. We adhere to a maximum 12/1 student/teacher ratio per classroom. Activities include art, music, reading, Bible, crafts, computer skills, sports, games, free play, field trips, pizza/ice cream parties and more! ​ ​ Young Chargers Summer 2024 May 28 - July 19 7:00AM - 6:30PM LIMITED SPOTS ​ Registration: $80 per child Once registered, parents may enroll their child into the week(s) of their choice. A $50 deposit per week/per child is due at the time of enrollment. ​

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    ADMISSIONS OVERVIEW ADMISSIONS PROCESS ADMISSIONS CONTACT QUICK LINKS TESTIMONIAL Are you looking for a private school that uplifts and encourages your children, cultivates their interests, and provides a strong educational and spiritual foundation? You aren’t alone, and we understand. Challenging academics, engaging extracurriculars, and a Christ-centered worldview, day in and day out – that’s what you can expect at Eagle’s Landing Christian Academy. Learn more about the ELCA experience and how to enroll your child at our private school, located in McDonough, Georgia. We are dedicated to raising disciples of Christ in a safe, nurturing, and academically-rich community. Here are a few reasons why parents choose ELCA for their children’s education: Why Choose a Private Christian School Education at ELCA? 50+ years experience: Educating children to be Christ followers since 1970 ​ Biblical values: Aligned with Kingdom Education foundations for instruction, with daily Bible lessons and weekly chapel ​ Multiple accreditations: Cognia and Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) accreditation and candidate for Council on Educational Standards and Accountability (CESA) Low student-to-teacher ratios: From a 6:1 ratio in preschool to 18:1 in high school ​ Exceptional faculty: More than half of teachers have advanced degrees and all are dedicated to sharing Christ’s likeness with students every day Challenging curriculum: 18 Advanced Placement, 19 Honors classes, 12 dual enrollment courses, STEAM activities, and emphasis on technology use in classrooms ​ Robust extracurriculars: Robotics, music, theater, fine arts, praise and worship, and more, as well as various student clubs Competitive athletics: 18 state championships and 12 varsity sports teams as well as junior varsity, middle school, and youth sports ​ Great location: Situated on an 86-acre campus 25 miles south of Atlanta ​ Financial assistance: Discounts and need-based aid available ADMISSIONS PROCESS Want to Experience a Day at Eagle’s Landing Christian Academy? Ready to explore a Christian school that reinforces the values you teach at home? ​ We’re looking forward to hearing from you! Contact us today Once you’ve taken a personal tour of our campus and decided to move forward with the admissions process, you’ll complete an application and acknowledge Eagle’s Landing Christian Academy statement of faith. Depending on your child’s grade level, you’ll also need to meet certain prerequisites as noted below. PK3&4 Parents of 3- and 4-year-olds should follow these steps first: Apply to preschool: Interested preschool parents should complete the PK3&4 application , which is specific to our preschool families. Provide records: Additionally, while no academic testing is required for preschool admissions, ELCA will need a copy of the child’s birth certificate and immunization record and a GA Form 3300 (ear, eye and dental check) for students four years of age and older. Ensure your child is toilet-trained: To allow our talented teachers time to attend to each child best, we kindly ask that children be fully potty-trained before enrolling. Elementary School After applying for admission, prospective kindergarten through fourth-grade students will: Complete an admissions test: This is a grade-specific readiness test. Get a recommendation: Applicants must have a teacher recommendation. Provide prior grades: Families should provide records of student performance in previous years. Middle and High School Parents of students going into 5th-12th grades should: Complete an admissions test: This is a readiness exam by grade level. Get a recommendation: For 6th-12th grade students, two teacher recommendations (one from math and one from English) are necessary. Provide a discipline report: This is required for 6th-12th grade students. All Families: Next Steps for Enrollment Once an application has been submitted and all grade-level requirements have been fulfilled, families will meet with staff for an interview. If our private Christian school is a right fit for your family, ELCA will provide details about finalizing enrollment and information about the upcoming school year. BETHANY FARRAR Director of Admissions Email: Phone: (678) 818-1072 ADMISSIONS CONTACT Quick Links to Frequently Visited Pages Here are a few links to some of our most commonly visited webpages: Visit Us Academics Learn more about how Eagle’s Landing Christian Academy supports the biblical values you teach your children at home and motivates them to be their best — academically, spiritually, and socially. Tuition “ELCA continues to be a special place in my heart. With five children attending ELCA, it’s a blessing to see the teachers pour into them day in and day out. Not only do they teach them about Jesus and help educate them, but they also participate in my children’s lives outside of school. The teachers come to their baseball games and football games on the weekends; they call and text when my children are sick. I just love the family atmosphere that my children get to experience, and that I experienced as a student myself.” ​ - Ashley Cash, ELCA Class of 2005 and mom of five current ELCA students Schedule a Tour Today Ready to provide your child with a Christ-centered education at a school where they can thrive? Visit our campus , meet faculty, and experience firsthand what sets us apart. We look forward to hearing from you and are delighted you’re considering ELCA. Contact us today

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    SAFETY AND SECURITY ​ CAMPUS SECURITY CARPOOL INFORMATION DRIVERS EDUCATION PARKING PERMIT Jacob Hearn SAFETY DIRECTOR 678.818.1048 CAMPUS SECURITY DRIVERS EDUCATION What do I do if I am caught in traffic and going to be late picking up my child? Per school policy, all students not picked up by 3:15 pm must be directly supervised by an adult. If you are caught in traffic and will not be on campus by 3:15 pm, please contact the receptionist at 770-957-2927 and notify her of your situation. Any student found without adult supervision and without notification of the parent to the school will be escorted to the ASEP and given automatic detention. When are the doors locked during the school day? For security purposes, doors are locked at 7:55 am each school day. In the afternoon, doors are unlocked from 3:00 pm until 3:15 pm for pickup. Any parents planning to remain in the building anytime after 7:55 am and before 3:00 pm must sign in at the receptionist's desk and wear a Visitor's badge. How does the school prepare for emergency situations? All ELCA employees are trained in Emergency Protocol at the beginning of the school year. During the year, students and staff participate in drills to ensure that everyone is familiar with procedures. In the event of any major incident, parents will be notified via their child's teacher of the situation as well as of any instructions regarding their child. Does ELCA do K-9 searches? ELCA is in a rotation with the other county schools and is visited by the Henry County Sheriff's Department on a periodic basis to do K-9 searches. The SRO or a school administrator is present during this search. For the safety of the students, no students are present in the hallways or parking lots during the searches. During a search, if the K-9 alerts on a vehicle, the parent of the owner will be notified of the alert and the intention of the school administration to search the vehicle. Parent will be asked permission to search the vehicle. If consent is not given, administration will decide the course of action to take on a case by case basis. ​ School Closings ​ In the event of inclement weather, parents will be emailed information regarding the closing. Further notice will be posted on our website, school Facebook page ( and Instagram (@elca_chargers). Parents may also turn to WSBTV, 11 Alive, or Fox 5 for reports of school closings. Frequently Asked Questions: What do I need to take to get my Georgia Learner's Permit? ​ Certified copy of your birth certificate (non-US citizens must present original, non-expired immigration documents) Must present social security number Georgia DDS Certificate of Attendance (DS-1) signed and notarized by school (see High School office for form - form only valid for 30 days) See Georgia Department of Driver Services for more info. What will I need for my Georgia Driver's License? ​ Georgia Learner's Permit Certificate from attending a Georgia approved Driver's Education program Must present social security number Georgia DDS Certificate of Attendance (DS-1) signed and notarized by the school (see High School office for form - form only valid for 30 days) Alcohol and Drug Awareness (ADAP) certificate ( ) 40 hours of on-the-road driving experience, including 6 hours of night driving are required. An affidavit/form signed by a parent or driving instructor must be presented (If driver's education was completed with an approved internet/online class, parent/guardian must also complete Parent-Teen Driving Guide ) Parent/guardian must be present to sign the application. See Georgia Department of Driver Services for more info. ​ Additional Parent Resources: Teen Driver Education Program Driving Skills For Life - Home Joshua Brown Law Road Wise Drivers' Education Governor's Office of Highway Safety (current law changes) Department of Public Safety (Georgia State Patrol) Georgia Traffic Injury Prevention Institute Teen Driver Safety Guide (Blog)

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    Barnes Edd Tucker 10.6.1942 - 1.4.2023 ​ A life well-lived... "...those who are wise shall shine like the brightness of the sky above; and those who turn many to righteousness, like the stars forever and ever." ~Daniel 12:3 MEMORIAL SERVICE Friday, January 20 Eagle's Landing First Baptist Church Visitation: 12:15PM-1:15PM • Main Foyer Service: 1:30PM • Worship Center Livestream: ​ Submit Video Condolences and/or photos Bless the Tucker family with a donation in lieu of flowers ••• Mr. Tucker was the epitome of a cheerful giver. Since Marlene and the family are coming from all around the country, they will not be able to receive plants and flowers. In lieu of flowers, please consider blessing the family via the link below . ​ "It has been on my heart to find a way to bless Marlene and the Tucker family, following the passing of our friend, Edd Tucker. It was a surprise to all of us, but not to Jesus, who called him to heaven on January 4. Mr. T was one-of-a-kind. He made everyone feel loved and special. If you knew him, you loved him. There is no better way to honor the memory of Edd Tucker than by loving on his family. It is a privilege to share our love with a gift to Marlene. Thank you in advance for blessing Marlene and the Tucker family with your love and prayers. Please feel free to visit and share this link ❤️". ~Danette Hylkema Patrick ​ ••• GRASPING THE BATON ​ "As I look out the window today, I see the promise of fall. October came in like summer, and she did not hand over the baton to the new season. However, as a believer, I know God decides when to pass the baton to a new season, a new chapter, a new opportunity, or a new beginning. Our Father controls all seasons, even the seasons of our lives.​ "I have been thinking for several months about this new season ahead for me and my wife, Marlene. We are getting older, but still full of energy. We are certainly in the fall season of our lives which may quickly turn into winter! The Lord has the plan before us. We are trusting Him for this next season of life. "A year from now, our lives will be quite different. Marlene and I will be officially retired in Austin, Texas. I won’t be getting up early to unlock classroom doors and pray for each student and teacher. I may not physically be walking the halls of ELCA, but my prayers will continue. It has been hard for me to hand over the baton of this season of life. I feel a great connection to the families, teachers and staff of our great school. I know and trust that Marlene and I will have many opportunities to volunteer, encourage, pray, and love those the Lord places in our path, just as He has here at ELCA. "In the months ahead, I pray that I will display, every day, the beautiful colors of fall in my smile, my daily commitment to Christ, my words, and my fervent prayers. I want to savor the moment, pursue peace, rejoice in God’s creation, passionately love others, especially those hurting in the world. I pray that I will learn contentment in this new season. I pray that I will open my eyes to October and see the beauty in this world. The colors should be breathtaking!" ~ELCA Blog entry by Mr. Tucker, 10/16/2019 Dear ELCA Students, Families, and Alumni, It is with saddened hearts that we bid farewell to our beloved Mr. Tucker. Mr. Edd Tucker was the elementary principal at ELCA from 1997 through 2020. Through his incredible span of 50 years in Christian education, Mr. Tucker's influence touched thousands of lives. He is remembered as a faithful servant-leader who honored his Lord and Savior with his service for others. Mr. Tucker was very tender-hearted and was easily moved to tears when speaking of the privileges of teaching and guiding the lives of children. He was a prayer warrior for his faculty, staff, and the entire ELCA family. Mr. Tucker and his wife, Marlene, were married for more than 56 years and served together in Christian education for over four decades. He is also survived by his son, Darren (Kim), daughter Dana (Brad), and seven grandchildren. ••• Mr. Tucker's impact is far-reaching and many have asked how best to pay respects to the Tucker family. If you would like to share a memory of Mr. Tucker or describe how he impacted your life; we are asking that you record your account on video. Photo submissions are also appreciated. ​ Some of these videos will be shared at the memorial service for Mr. Tucker which will take place at Eagle's Landing First Baptist Church/ELCA on Friday, January 20 at 1:30PM . If we are not able to include your video in the memorial service, it will still be shared with the Tucker family. Those who are unable to attend the service may view it online at . Video (and photos) Submission Details -Share a fond memory or describe the impact that Mr. Tucker made in your life -State your name and graduating year (or year of your child's graduation) at the beginning -Maximum of 30 seconds -All video files should be QuickTime (.mov) or MP4 format -If you are recording on your phone, your video needs to be recorded in landscape format (phone on its side) -Submit all videos to Finally, please share this post so that it may reach as many ELCA alumni and families as possible! Condolences may be sent to: Mrs. Marlene Tucker 9821 North Lake Creek Parkway Apt. 2150 Austin, Texas 78717 ​ ​Please continue lifting up Marlene and the rest of Mr. Tucker's family in prayer as they walk these next days and weeks. ​ •••

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    SAFETY & SECURITY HEALTH SERVICES GENERAL INFORMATION WHEN SHOULD MY CHILD STAY HOME? EMAIL THE NURSE At Eagle's Landing Christian Academy we are blessed to have a full-time registered nurse on-site during the school day. Nurse Katie Cool is ready to help you and your family! Children need to be healthy to learn and learn to be healthy. ​ KATIE COOL Direct Office: 678.818.1061 Fax: 770.957.2290 Clinic Hours: 7:30 A.M. - 3:30 P.M. or by appointment ​ ​ ​ ELCA Health Policy ​ ​ This policy provides guidance to improve learning by minimizing contagious illness at school. We recognize that each situation is likely to be different and that this policy must be flexible while still providing an overall strategic direction. ​ Common types of contagious diseases include: COVID-19, Flu (influenza), common cold, stomach viruses, and strep throat. Contagious diseases can spread by: ​​ Physical contact with an infected person, such as through touch or respiratory droplets. Contact with objects and other surfaces that an infected person has touched. When to keep your child home: We continue to encourage families and employees to self-monitor for signs and symptoms of illness before arriving on campus. Students should feel well enough to participate in all activities while in school. If a student displays any of the following symptoms, we require that they stay home for the appropriate isolation period and at least 24 hours from last symptom and last dose of any fever-reducing medicine: Fever (100.0°F or above) or chills Persistent cough Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing New loss of taste or smell Nausea or vomiting Diarrhea Positive test result for COVID-19, Flu, or Strep throat ​ Prevention: Hand Hygiene: Keeping hands clean is one of the best ways to keep from getting sick and spreading illnesses. Practicing good hand hygiene gets rid of bacteria and viruses from contact with other people or surfaces. The school promotes proper hand hygiene throughout the school day. The school ensures that an adequate supply of hand sanitizer, hand soap, and paper towels is available in all classrooms. ​ Face Masks: Face masks are optional except as required for persons who have been in close contact with a COVID-19 case outside of school. ​ Vaccines: The CDC encourages everyone to get vaccinated against communicable diseases as advised by their healthcare provider. ​ Cleaning: Our maintenance staff will continue to disinfect frequently touched surfaces with EPA approved products. Hand sanitizer is available in all classrooms and throughout the building. ​ Electrostatic sprayers are used to disinfect on a routine basis and for specific areas as needed. Lunch Services: K-12 students eat lunch in the cafeteria. PreK students eat lunch in their respective classrooms. Hand sanitizer is available, and tables are cleaned and disinfected after each use. For questions, or to report any communicable illness, please contact our nurse, Katie Cool, at or by phone directly at 678-818-1061.​ ​ ​ ​ HELPFUL INFORMATION If your child needs to take medication while at school: 1. Complete the authorization form and fax or bring completed copy to the Clinic. 2. Please keep prescription medications and/or over-the-counter medications in the original container. Your pharmacy can usually place a prescription in 2 labeled containers, 1 for school and 1 for home use. 3. For children with severe allergies, please have your doctor complete an allergy action plan and send a copy to the Clinic. ​ Automated external defibrillators (AED): There are 3 AEDs located on the ELCA campus. One is located on the wall near the nurse's station, another is on the wall in the hallway between the worship center and the choral suite and there is one in the Athletic Trainer's office. The school nurse is responsible for checking the batteries in these units monthly. ​ Our goal is to help keep students and staff healthy and to take measures needed to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus as it makes its way onto campus. Our plan is designed to help us be proactive in our response to COVID-19 and to help us return to campus safely. It is meant to be practical, flexible, and includes reliable guidelines and recommendations. Home Screenings: It is important that everyone in our school work together with open communication and flexibility so that we can provide the best level of safety and health for all of our students and staff. Checking your students for symptoms before bringing them to school is one of the best ways to help keep our campus healthy. When your student wakes up not feeling well, it is best to be safe and keep them at home. ​ Medications: Students should not carry medications with them while at school. Students that are in middle or high school may carry life-saving medications with them (Epi-pens, inhalers) only if parents sign the Authorization to Carry EpiPen or the Authorization to Carry inhaler and turn it in to the clinic. All other prescription medication will be kept in the clinic and require an Authorization Form to be administered as needed. ​ EMERGENCY DRILLS AND INCLEMENT WEATHER PROCEDURES Periodic fire, tornado and lockdown drills are required by state law. An evacuation route and procedures are posted in each classroom. WHEN SHOULD MY CHILD STAY HOME? 10 ELCA GUIDELINES FOR KEEPING YOUR CHILD HOME FROM SCHOOL Adapted from Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. A guide to making an early morning decision. 1. FEVER: Children with a fever over 100.0 degrees F should stay at home until there is no fever for 24 hours. If you treat a fever with medicine before school, the fever can return and your child may still be contagious. Call your doctor if your child has a fever with pain, rash, weakness, vomiting, or diarrhea. 2. DIARRHEA & VOMITING: One event of watery diarrhea or more than one event of vomiting are reasons to keep your child home. If vomiting or diarrhea continues or your child also has a fever, rash, or weakness, call your doctor. 3. PERSISTENT COUGHING: If your child's cough is worse than you would expect with a cold, keep them at home. If they have a hard time breathing or have a fever, call your doctor. 4. SORE THROAT: If your child has a sore throat and fever, or a severe sore throat without fever, they should stay home from school. Call your doctor if there is a quick onset of fever and sore throat without cold symptoms. 5. PINK EYE / CONJUNCTIVITIS: If your child's eye is red with cloudy or yellow drainage, they should stay home until symptoms are gone. Call your doctor for treatment. 6. PERSISTENT EAR PAIN: Your child should stay at home if they have a lot of ear pain. Call your doctor for treatment. 7. IMPETIGO: If your child has impetigo (red, oozing blister areas with yellow-gold scabs on the body or face) they should stay home as long as your doctor says. 8. STOMACH ACHE: If your child complains of a stomach ache, especially if they say it hurts to move and they do not want to eat, they should stay home. Call your doctor. 9. LICE: If your child has lice, they need to be treated and nits (eggs) removed. They need to stay at home until the school has cleared them to return. 10. CHICKENPOX: Your child should stay at home until all the bumps are scabbed and no new bumps have shown up in two days. Call your doctor for treatment of symptoms. ​ 11. COVID EXPOSURE: Your child should stay at home if there has been a direct exposure to someone with COVID-19 or the student has tested positive. ​ ​​

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    EAGLE'S LANDING CHRISTIAN ACADEMY FINE ARTS GENERAL INFORMATION AN INVITATION FINE ARTS PATRONS SUPPORT FINE ARTS FINE ARTS STAFF CONTACT US FINE ARTS PATRONS Reason for the Season? Don't miss this multi-theatrical event on December 8 at 7PM The Eagle's Landing Christian Academy School of Fine Arts is proud to offer some of the highest level Fine Arts programing in the Metro Atlanta area. The School of Fine Arts is an essential element of the overall curriculum and the educational strategy at Eagle's Landing Christian Academy. We know that studying music and art helps develop young minds, and fine arts courses are available to all students in all grade levels. ELCA's fine arts programs are specifically designed to move students through an aligned curriculum, from PreK – 12th grade, that preps them to study fine arts at university. WE INVITE YOU TO EXPERIENCE ELCA FINE ARTS! ​ LOWER SCHOOL FINE ARTS MORE ABOUT LOWER SCHOOL FINE ARTS UPPER SCHOOL FINE ARTS MORE ABOUT UPPER SCHOOL FINE ARTS Pre-K through 4th Grade Grades 5-12 PRE-SCHOOL (K3 & K4): In pre-school, our students participate weekly in our fine arts program. Visual arts are part of their regular pre-school curriculum. In addition, students rotate into our Music Suite where they learn and explore the basics of music that will prepare them for their Elementary School performing arts classes. ​ ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (Kindergarten – 4th grade): Students in Kindergarten - 4th grade have multiple fine arts opportunities throughout the week. For the visual arts, students go to one of our fully equipped and supplied art labs to learn all of the basics they'll need to advance in the program. For the performing arts, students have weekly music classes in the Music Suite where they learn the basics of music and perform three times during the school year. In addition, students rotate into our keyboarding lab where they explore music through the use of keyboards and technology. SUPPORT THE ARTS AT ELCA Students in middle school are given the opportunity to develop their skills by focusing on one specific Fine Arts Class. Art, Band, Chorus, Guitar, and Stage Acting and Vocal Performance are the classes offered between 5th and 8th grades. (See below). These classes are designed to prepare students for high school level classes, as well as give them opportunities to participate in arts shows, musical performances and state and district level competitions. FINE ARTS STAFF Tracey Fuller Director of Fine Arts Director of Vocal Programs Middle and High School Director of Pre-school and Elementary Music ​ Derek Rock Director of Middle School and High School Bands Joe Tucker Middle School and High School Guitar Teacher, Praise Band Director ​ Chuck Ekstedt High School Drama Teacher Sarah Blackaby High School Art Teacher ​ Rachel Allred Middle School Art Teacher ​ Linda Jones Elementary Art Teacher Rick Barham Music Technology Lab Instructor Beverly Hedges Pre-K thru 12th grade Choral Music Teaching Assistant and Piano Accompanist ​ OUR MISSION The History of the Fine Arts Patrons Founded in 2003, the Fine Arts Patrons is a group of parents, staff, and faculty who work together to give ELCA students musical, dramatic, or artistic opportunities and resources during their time at ELCA. Fine Arts programs are an essential element of the curriculum at our school. At ELCA, students are given the opportunity to participate in fine arts classes and performance groups. ​ The Mission of the Fine Arts Patrons The Fine Arts Patrons will work to create resources that can benefit and support the advancement of Fine Arts at ELCA, raise funds to supplement and support the Fine Arts at ELCA, encourage parental and student involvement in ELCA Fine Arts activities, programs, and projects, and assist Fine Arts parents, Fine Arts faculty, and ELCA staff members in helping support all of ELCA Fine Arts. ​ How you can get involved The FAP holds monthly Board meetings to discuss project funding, fundraising, and any concerns/ideas that may be suggested by faculty, staff, or parents. The FAP Board consists of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Fundraising Chair. Any parent who has a student in elementary school (elementary music) or a Middle or High School fine arts class or performing group may attend the FAP meetings. The Board will vote in a closed executive session. ​ We Support all of the Fine Arts Programs at ELCA: Art Elementary Music Symphonic Band Concert Band Beginning Band Marching Band Color Guard Chorus Vocal Performance Guitar Drama/Stage Acting Student Praise Band PATRONS INFORMATION 2023-24 Fine Arts Patrons Board of Directors President: Mandy Corso | Vice President: Sharon Dial | Treasurer: Linda Henderson-Smith | Fundraising Chair: Elicia Collins | ​ Fine Arts Patrons meetings will take place via Zoom at 5:30pm on the second Thursday of each month (except for December). E-mail for the link: ​ August 10, 2023 September 14, 2023 October 12, 2023 November 9, 2023 December 7, 2023 January 11, 2024 February 8, 2024 March 14, 2024 April 11, 2024 May 9, 2024 ​ Every parent with a child in a Fine Arts program at ELCA is a Fine Arts Patron. FUNDRAISERS COOKIE DOUGH SALES ​ The Fine Arts Patrons will announce the upcoming 2024-25 fundraiser later this summer. Cookie Payment Cookie Prize Letter Fine Arts Accolades ELCA band and chorus students have made GMEA All-State Band and All-State Chorus, as well as district honor bands and choruses. ELCA band and chorus groups have received superior and excellent ratings at exhibitions, competitions, and large group performances. Jesse Corso & Molly Corso were both selected to perform in the Atlanta Youth Wind Symphony and have also had the opportunity to work with many professional clinicians. The Mighty Charger Marching Band has performed in Mercedes Benz Stadium and Georgia State Stadium. Stage acting and vocal performance students have been given the opportunity to participate in a film written and directed by TJ Hedges and his professional film crew. Olivia Naquin earned 2nd place for her pencil/watercolor drawing entitled "Lilac Lady" which earned her a $7500 scholarship to the Art Institute of Atlanta. Her piece is currently hanging in the Washington D.C. congressional office. Martyna Radzicka earned 3rd place for her acrylic on canvas entitled "Insomnia ATL" and she earned a $3500 scholarship to the Art Institute of Atlanta. Her work is currently on display in the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Our High School chorus was selected to perform at Carnegie Hall in 2018. Our One-Act Drama team is the current GHSA One-Act Play 5AA regional champions. Each year in that competition, as well as in the ACSI competition, many of our students get selected to the All-Star cast. ​ ​

  • Athletic Handbook | Eagle's Landing Christian Academy | McDonough

    KINGDOM ATHLETICS The purpose of this section is to establish rules, regulations, and policies for the ELCA athletic program and to provide a framework within which students, parents, faculty, and staff can work together for the benefit of the athletic program. ELCA is a gospel-centered, Kingdom-focused, college preparatory school that exists to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the glory of God. Our athletic program should support this commitment. Athletes must follow all rules that are stated in this section and the student handbook. Participation on an athletic team at ELCA is a privilege, not a right. This privilege may be revoked if a student is not compliant with the guidelines established in this section. The procedures in this section will be followed. The Administration reserves the right to make final decisions regarding any policy and/or rule. If there are any suggestions for improving our athletic program, please present them to the athletic department. All coaches, student-athletes, and parents should know, understand, and abide by the information in the section. PURPOSE FOR ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT The purpose of the athletic department is to complement and advance the school’s mission. Romans 15:5-6 May the God of endurance and encouragement grant you to live in such harmony with one another, in accord with Christ Jesus, that together you may with one voice glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. GOALS FOR ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT 1. To pursue with excellence an athletic program that seeks to glorify God. 2. To develop highly competitive programs, first-class facilities, and a championship mentality. 3. To develop a training system with the Youth/MS/JV programs that will prepare our students for statewide varsity level competition. 4. To develop a training system beginning in the Lower School that will instruct our Facility, Staff, Parents, and Students with our Kingdom Athletics philosophy. 5. To use athletics to share Jesus Christ with those who do not know him and to inspire other schools to adopt Kingdom Athletics for themselves. Colossians 3:23 Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, SCHOOL BRAND AND LOGO The Charger shield and bolt are the two logos for the school. Approval must be obtained through the Marketing and Communications Office prior to use. Anyone interested in creating a design using the ELCA brand must contact the Marketing and Communications Office for approval. Approval must be obtained through the Marketing and Communications Office prior to the use of the name and logos of ELCA and any reasonable facsimile. ATHLETIC ELIGIBILITY ELCA is a member of the Georgia High Schools Association . Each student has to meet GHSA requirements to participate in athletics. Students must earn 2.5 Carnegie units to be GHSA eligible. Each class taken in a semester is equal to ½ Carnegie unit. Students receiving two “F’s” on a semester report card will not be allowed to participate in athletic activities until cleared by the academic department. The student will be cleared provided they meet GHSA eligibility requirements mentioned above and meet requirements set by the academic department. This includes, but is not limited to, mandatory IF and weekly help classes. Students who fail two classes after first semester will have to meet the set requirements to become eligible for Spring semester. Failing to meet those requirements at any time during the semester will result in the student being pulled from competitions and practices until the requirements are met. (Students who are declared GHSA ineligible at the end of first semester will not be able to participate or practice spring semester). (Students that are ineligible second semester may attend summer school to become eligible for fall sports). Students that are academically ineligible will not be allowed to dress out with the team, travel with the team, or practice with the team. ELCA EARLY GRADUATION POLICY On rare occasions students may request to graduate early. Students who wish to graduate after the first semester of their senior year must meet the following criteria: Provide a letter from the college or institution stating the fact that they prefer the student to enroll early and the reason for doing so. Provide a written request from the parents stating their desire to have the student graduate early. The written request is to be turned in before the beginning of 2nd semester the 11th grade year. (It will benefit the student to declare intent at the beginning of the 1st semester of 11th grade. This will allow the student to begin taking some 12th grade classes 1st semester in place of electives not needed for graduation). Sign a contract with the school which details the new academic plan put in place with the understanding that the school will not release transcripts to the college until all academic requirements have been met. Meet the same rigor requirements and graduation requirements expected of all senior students. If online class options differ from the options of the traditional classes, it will be the decision of the Academic Dean as to what online classes are most comparable to the traditional courses offered. Sign a new financial agreement and agree to a new payment schedule for payment of tuition. Financial obligations will need to be met before transcripts will be released to the college. *Note - ELCA does not automatically prorate the tuition for the senior year since the school is still awarding a diploma. Fees for extra online courses are the responsibility of the parents. In addition, a $2,000 early graduation fee will be required and due before transcripts are released. The high school administration may deny the student request if it is determined he/she cannot reasonably complete the requirements for graduation by the end of the 1st semester of the senior year due to poor academic performance in the past or too many limitations involved in assembling a new academic plan. YOUTH/MIDDLE SCHOOL/JV ATHLETICS These programs are vitally important to the success of our athletic program. They concentrate on developing skills, sportsmanship, participation, and experience. The Youth/MS/JV programs prepare athletes for the varsity level. All athletes are expected to follow the same rules and policies as the varsity athletes. If an athlete plays on our school team and a recreational team/travel team/club team, the school team must take priority. Sixth through eighth grade students may try out for all junior high teams. Ninth and twelfth graders may play on the JV or Varsity teams (eighth graders may play up on the JV). VARSITY ATHLETICS The varsity teams have the commitment of winning and putting the best team on the field/court/track. Varsity players are the most visible and need to show positive leadership in all activities on and off campus. Coaches will make every effort to allow each athlete the opportunity of competing at the varsity level, but a specified amount of playing time is never guaranteed. All of our athletes are expected to participate in summer workouts. We will never have the desired athletic program if we do not work out in the off-season. All athletes are expected to go with their team to camp during the summer. These camp dates will be announced well in advance so families can plan around them. PARTICIPATION POLICY ELCA takes seriously the commitments of our student-athletes. We believe honoring commitments is essential throughout life, in marriage, family, church, career, and other areas. We believe athletics helps foster a spirit of genuine commitment. Quitting a team for reasons other than medical or family matters contradicts all we teach about what a Kingdom Athlete should be. A student should never quit a sport in the middle of the season regardless of how justified he may feel their reasons to be. We encourage all students and parents to “stick it out”. It is our desire to work with parents in teaching student’s perseverance, commitment, loyalty and fortitude. You never know what God has in store for your family. Any student who quits a sport will be billed for anything ordered and not be allowed to start the next sport unless released by the Head Coach. ACADEMIC WORK Athletes are responsible for all of their academic work. Athletic teams will sometimes have to leave school early. It is the athlete’s responsibility to turn in any academic work and get assignments for that day before departing the school for a game. Athletic events can never be used as an excuse for unfinished academic work. ABSENCES AND EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES No student will be allowed to participate in any after-school, extracurricular activity on a day that he has been absent from school. Students must be present a half-day (3 1 / 2 hours) in order to participate in a game that day. PHYSICAL EXAMINATIONS & CONSENT FORMS A physical examination is required by the GHSA. The physical examination, consent, & concussion awareness forms must be on file before a student participates in any tryouts, practices, or athletic contest. All forms are to be filed with the athletic trainer. TRAVEL All athletes are required to ride the bus to away games. Any exception must be authorized by the athletic director. The athlete must have the permission of the head coach to ride home with his/her parents or another parent after the away games. (A note from the parents will be required.) No athletes will be able to ride home with other students or non-adults. We are very thankful for the vehicles that God has provided for us, and we must do our best to take care of them. DRESS Our athletes must wear their school uniform or their game uniform to all away games. (Example: the football team may wear their jerseys). This will be determined by the head coach. For all practices, at least 7 inch inseam shorts are to be worn. PROFANITY Profanity will not be tolerated in any form by our athletes. There is no excuse. If an athlete uses profanity, the disciplinary policy that is listed in the student handbook will be followed. (Four demerits) UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT Unsportsmanlike conduct by our athletes will not be tolerated. Discipline for unsportsmanlike conduct violations (such as unsportsmanlike penalties, technical fouls, etc.) will be instituted at the discretion of the head coach. If an athlete is ejected from a game the GHSA rules and regulations will apply. The GHSA, ELCA, and member schools have made a commitment to promote good sportsmanship by student-athletes, coaches, and spectators at all GHSA sanctioned or ELCA events. Profanity, degrading remarks, and intimidating actions directed at officials or competitors will not be tolerated, and are grounds from removal from the event site. Spectators are not allowed to enter the competition area during warm-ups or while the contest is being conducted. We strongly encourage our fans to cheer for our teams. If a fan is ejected, the ejected person will be suspended from at least one game. The ejected person must not be seen or heard during the period of suspension. ​ Codes of Conduct Contracts are an agreement by the parents and students to conduct themselves in a manner that is reflective of the overall philosophy and mission of ELCA. ELCA PARENT CODE OF CONDUCT Our Speech: 1. Questionable language or “slang” words will not be tolerated. Anything that can be misconstrued as negative or insulting must be avoided. 2. Be positive and encouraging. Uplift your student and others. Let them know the importance and accomplishment of being a part of the team. Let them know they are important. 3. Never criticize the officials or coaches. These people represent the authority figure, the “boss”, the parent, the teacher and the “Law”. If you are “bad mouthing” your children’s coaches or officials you cannot expect him or her to play for or respect these people. Obedience to authority is not optional and is not predicated on whether or not you agree with it. All authority is God-given and disobedience to authority is disobedience to God. 4. Insist that your students address the coach and the officials with respect. They should call their coaches Coach or Mr., Miss, or Mrs. They should address the officials with “Yes, Sir” or “Yes, Ma’am” You should use these titles as well in the presence of your students or when referring to the coach or officials. 5. Never be involved in negative cheering. Booing the officials or opponents or getting into negative chants against the opposing crowd sets a bad example for your children and is counter to everything we say we believe. 6. Never speak negatively around the students or other parents about: the school, the Church, or other students. 7. Never criticize your children’s teammates. This does not teach your student team attitude and will allow them to make excuses for their own performance. Never offer excuses for your children if they are not playing. Encourage them to do their best and to keep striving for their worthwhile goals. 8. Always confront your coaches out of sight and earshot of students and other parents. Speak with the coach privately. Call to set an appointment. Pray about what you will say and what is motivating your discussion. 9. Smile, meet and greet. Often you may be the first impression someone has of ELCA and of our Lord and Savior. Ask yourself this question “Is my speech setting up an opportunity to share Jesus Christ or a need to apologize?” Colossians 4:6 Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt... Our Relationships: 1. Develop relationships and a good rapport with your students and their teammates. God has placed you in this situation for a purpose. Use this opportunity to minister and be an encouragement to others. You never know who is hurting and needs your show of God’s love in their life. If sports becomes all about you and your student, you need to not participate. 2. Develop relationships and a good rapport with other parents. You will need their prayers and support as much as they will need yours. 3. Develop relationships and a good rapport with parents from other schools. Never miss an opportunity to share Jesus Christ with others. Promote your school and your students Needless to say, the relationship you develop is a reflection on our entire ministry. 4. Develop relationships with the coaches: Get to know the coaches. Pray for them. Communicate with them with an open heart and mind. Be open, honest with gentle words. Set appointments to meet with the coach rather than ambush them before or after a game. John 15:12 This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you. Our Unity: 1. Develop unity within our school family. God has called each one of us to this school. Each of us have different abilities and, therefore, different roles. Never be jealous or envious of someone else’s role. Be busy fulfilling your role. Your example of being a unified school body is a valuable lesson for your students to learn. 2. Develop unity with our Church. ELCA is a ministry of Eagle’s Landing First Baptist Church working together for a common purpose. Be supportive in action and in spirit. Without Eagle’s Landing First Baptist Church there would be no Eagle’s Landing Christian Academy. 3. Develop unity within the Kingdom. We must establish our philosophy with other schools in order for our ultimate purpose to be met… to further the Kingdom of God. It will take other Christian schools being successful. Pray for them as you pray for ELCA. I Corinthians 12:12-13 For just as the body is one and has many members, and all the members of the body, though many, are one body, so it is with Christ. For in one Spirit we were all baptized into one body—Jews or Greeks, slaves or free—and all were made to drink of one Spirit. Our Motives: 1. Be Motivated by the Love of God. Living for Him because He died for us. 2. Strive for victory as a tool to teach your students. Teach them that athletics is just a means to an end and not an end unto itself. 3. Teach your students to abide by the rules of the game in letter and in spirit. Tactics that promote unfair “gamesmanship” will not be tolerated. 4. Lead your students in athletics in light of your family mission, philosophy and goals. What you are teaching your student through athletics should match with what you are teaching them at home. 5. Use your child’s experience as a chance to be involved in the life of your child. Your relationship with your child as an adult is a longer time of your life than when they are in your home. If you want a relationship with them as adults you need to begin building that relationship NOW. Athletics affords you that opportunity. I Corinthians 10:31 …do all to the Glory of God. Our Behavior: 1. Maintain class and character. You are setting the example for your students. Realize that your every action reflects upon you, your family, ELCA, ELFBC and ultimately our Lord. People will remember your actions long after they have forgotten your words. 2. Always insist that your children follow instructions. Coaches must depend on a player’s ability to follow orders immediately and without question. Questions should be raised at the appropriate time, such as at practice or after a game, when there is time for explanation. This builds respect for authority and a bond of trust between your children and their coaches. 3. Always dress appropriately. Modest attire that does not attract attention to you and away from your child should be worn. Even in warm weather events a Christ-like appearance must be maintained. 4. Be an example and a guard. Set the standard high for behavior and appearance and do not be afraid to speak to those who are indifferent to our ultimate purpose. 5. Working with the officials …not working the officials. Badgering an official to persuade a call our way comes with too high a price – our testimony and our ability to influence those others for Jesus Christ. There is never a time at any contest where a parent is afforded an opportunity to say anything to an official other than “Thank You”. Without these men and women and their willingness to officiate, no one is playing ball. 6. Remain in the stands. Never attempt to approach the field, court, bench area, press box, score table or the officials before, during or after a ballgame. Socially visiting with the coach briefly after a game is encouraged. Game officials are off-limits. 7. Be Modest in victory and gracious in defeat. Coaches, students, parents and spectators will need to be strong in this area. Shake hands with our visitors before and after a game. 8. Recognize the success of your opponent. Compliment the good play of students from the other school. Congratulate their coaches on a well-coached game. 9. Teach your children that they have a special purpose from God. It is their responsibility to accept God’s purpose for them. Do not compare or contrast them to others. This limits their ability to fulfill their own unique potential and purpose. 10. Have fun, touch lives and be yourself. You have the opportunity to be a positive influence, like no one else may be able to, in the lives your children and their peers. Enjoy this time in their lives and help them to enjoy it as well. Games, plays and officials will be forgotten, but your behavior and attitude will stay with your child forever. I John 2:6 whoever says he abides in him ought to walk in the same way in which he walked. ELCA ATHLETE CODE OF CONDUCT Our Speech: 1. Questionable language or “slang” words will not be tolerated. The athlete will never engage in any profanity or questionable slang. 2. The athlete will address the coach and the officials with respect. The athlete will address the coach as “Coach” or “Mr., Miss or Mrs.” and will take concerns or complaints directly to the coach. Insubordination and divisive speech or behavior will not be tolerated. The athlete should address the officials with “Yes Sir” or “Yes Ma’am". 3. Never criticize the officials or coaches. These people represent the authority figure, the “boss”, the parent, the teacher and the “Law”. Obedience to authority is not optional and is not predicated on whether or not you agree with it. All authority is God-given and disobedience to authority is disobedience to God. Our Relationships: 1. Develop relationships and a good rapport with teammates and coaches. God has placed you in this situation for a purpose. You have an opportunity to develop life-long friendships. If sports becomes all about you, you need to not participate. 2. Develop relationships and a good rapport with classmates. Do not attempt to set yourself upon a pedestal. Your classmates will not respect you or support you. 3. Develop relationships and a good rapport with students from other schools. Never miss an opportunity to share Jesus Christ with others. Our Unity: 1. Develop unity within your team. “It is amazing what can be accomplished when no one cares who gets the credit.” John Wooden 2. Develop unity within our school family. God has called each one of us to this school. Each of us has different abilities and, therefore, different roles. Never be jealous or envious of someone else’s role. Be busy fulfilling your role. 3. Develop unity within the Kingdom. We must establish our philosophy with other schools in order for our ultimate purpose to be met… to further the Kingdom of God. It will take other Christian schools being successful. Pray for them as you pray for ELCA. Our Motives: 1. Be Motivated by the Love of God. Living for Him because He died for us. 2. Strive for victory in order to Glorify God. Athletics is just a means to an end and not an end unto itself. 3. Demonstrating Christ by following the rules of the game in letter and in spirit. Tactics that promote unfair “gamesmanship” will not be tolerated. 4. Committed to excellence. In all areas – faith, practice, academics and game preparation. Play and Act like a CHAMPION ! Our Behavior: 1. The athlete will maintain a good reputation. The athlete’s character will be in good standing with the administration, faculty, staff and church. 2. The athlete will meet all eligibility requirements. 3. The athlete will know and understand all requirements. The athlete will know all of the expectations of their team and will follow them both in action and in spirit. 4. The athlete will show respect for all coaches, trainers and all staff personnel. This includes the game plans, methods and philosophies. 5. The athlete will show respect for their teammates. The athlete will respect the seriousness of their commitment by attending all practices, meetings and games as prescribed at the beginning of the season and by working together to accomplish a common goal. Help to hold your teammates accountable for their actions. 6. The athlete will maintain a high standard of appearance. Both in and out of the arena adhering to the strictest interpretations of the school dress code and the team dress and uniform code. 7. The athlete will demonstrate Christ-like character. Both in and out of the arena showing respect in speech and actions for game officials, opponents and all those associated with our opponents. 8. The athlete will never engage in fighting. The athlete will maintain self-control at all times. Un-sportsmanship like conduct penalties will not be tolerated and will be penalized. 9. The athlete will know and understand our philosophy. The athlete will respect the seriousness of the eternal effects of their responsibilities as they represent themselves, their families, their school, their church and ultimately their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. PARENT/COACH COMMUNICATION Parenting and coaching are both difficult vocations. Understanding each other’s role will enable parents and coaches to work together to provide a meaningful experience for the student-athlete at ELCA. Communication that parents can expect from a coach: 1. Locations and times of practice and games 2. Expectations the coach has of the players and the team 3. Team requirements 4. Team rules and disciplinary actions for violations of team rules 5. Various ways that parents may help the team Appropriate concerns for parents to discuss with the coach: 1. Ways to help your child improve 2. Concerns about your child’s behavior 3. Academic support, college opportunities Recognizing that coaches are the ones who work with the team on a daily basis in practice and in competition, it is important to understand that the coach will make decisions that he or she believes to be best for the team and for all athletes who are involved. A parent should never confront a coach before or after a game or practice. These are emotional times for a parent and coach and are not wise times to make an attempt toward the resolution of a problem. ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT INJURY POLICY According to Georgia Code 43-5-1, an Athletic Trainer (ATC) is a person with specific qualifications, as set forth in Code Sections 43-5-7 and 43-5-8 who, upon the advice and consent of a physician, carries out the practice of prevention, recognition, evaluation, management, disposition, treatment, or rehabilitation of athletic injuries; and, in carrying out these functions, the ATC is authorized to use physical modalities, such as heat, light, sound, cold, electricity, or mechanical devices related to prevention, recognition, evaluation, management, disposition, rehabilitation, and treatment. The primary responsibilities of the ATC include injury prevention, recognition and evaluation of injuries, immediate care and treatment, rehabilitation, and administration duties. The ATC is present at school every day. He covers all home contests for middle and high schools, as well as all practices and some away games. He stays at school until the end of the last practice or contest of the day. Even though the majority of the injury evaluations and treatments take place after school hours, the ATC is available during school hours to evaluate injuries and perform rehabilitation programs. The following section provides the general guidelines put in place by the ELCA Athletic Department for handling athletic-related injuries. When an athlete is injured on campus, the coach sends him to the ATC to have his injury evaluated. If the ATC is at the scene when the injury occurs, the evaluation of the athlete will take place there. When the evaluation is completed, an explanation will be given to the athlete regarding the immediate treatment as well as the next course of action to be taken; i.e. begin a rehabilitation program, follow up with a doctor, etc. The coach is then informed of the injury as well as the treatment plan. The ATC will also get in touch with the parent to explain what happened and what the next step needs to be either in person, by phone, or by email. Depending on the extent of the injury, the ATC will assist the parent in scheduling a doctor’s appointment. After the doctor’s visit, it is the responsibility of the parent and the athlete to bring a note from the doctor stating his diagnosis of the injury as well as the plan of care. In addition, when an athlete is injured during either practice or a game and the ATC is not present, the coach will inform him of the incident and the care that was provided so the injury can be documented, and a follow up with the parent, student, doctor, and coach is made to provide the best possible care and return the athlete to play as soon as possible. If your child goes to see a doctor, then he needs to bring a note to the ATC and the coach stating he is cleared to play. When a doctor removes an athlete from competition, he will not be allowed to return to competition until the ATC has a note in hand stating the doctor has cleared him. The Georgia State Law listed above mandates that an Athletic Trainer works under the supervision of a Physician. Our team doctor is Dr. Daniel Orcutt, MD, an Orthopedic Surgeon from OrthoAtlanta. For the last 2 years, Dr. Orcutt has provided coverage for our Varsity Football games, evaluates our athletes in the office, and performs surgery when necessary. Dr. Orcutt will coordinate a time to see the athlete as soon as possible after the injury. He will also contact the ATC once he has seen an athlete from ELCA and informing him of the extent of the injury as well as the treatment protocol to follow. OrthoAtlanta is located at 915 Eagles Landing Pkwy. Stockbridge, GA, 30281 and the phone number is 770-506-4350 . STUDENT/PARENT CONCUSSION AWARENESS Dangers of concussions: Concussions at all levels of sports have received a great deal of attention and state law has been passed to address this issue. Adolescent athletes are particularly vulnerable to the effects of concussion. Once considered little more than a minor “ding” to the head, it is now understood that a concussion has the potential to result in death, or changes in brain function (either short-term or long-term). A concussion is a brain injury that results in a temporary disruption of normal brain function. A concussion occurs when the brain is violently rocked back and forth or twisted inside the skull as a result of a blow to the head or body. Continued participation in any sport following a concussion can lead to worsening concussion symptoms, as well as increased risk for further injury to the brain, and even death. Player and parental education in this area is crucial – that is the reason for this document. Refer to it regularly. This form must be signed by a parent or guardian of each student who wishes to participate in GHSA athletics. One copy needs to be returned to the school, and one retained at home. Common signs and symptoms of concussions: * Headache, dizziness, poor balance, moves clumsily, reduced energy level/tiredness * Nausea or vomiting * Blurred vision, sensitivity to light and sounds * Fogginess of memory, difficulty concentrating, slowed thought processes, confused about surroundings or game assignments * Unexplained changes in behavior and personality * Loss of consciousness (NOTE: This does not occur in all concussion episodes.) BY-LAW 2.68: GHSA CONCUSSION POLICY: In accordance with Georgia law and national playing rules published by the National Federation of State High School Associations, any athlete who exhibits signs, symptoms, or behaviors consistent with a concussion shall be immediately removed from the practice or contest and shall not return to play until an appropriate health care professional has determined that no concussion has occurred. (NOTE: An appropriate health care professional may include, licensed physician (MD/DO) or another licensed individual under the supervision of a licensed physician, such as a nurse practitioner, physician assistant, or certified athletic trainer who has received training in concussion evaluation and management. a) No athlete is allowed to return to a game or a practice on the same day that a concussion (a) has been diagnosed, OR (b) cannot be ruled out. b) Any athlete diagnosed with a concussion shall be cleared medically by an appropriate health care professional prior to resuming participation in any future practice or contest. The formulation of a gradual return to play protocol shall be a part of the medical clearance. c) It is mandatory that every coach in each GHSA sport participate in a free, online course on concussion management prepared by the NFHS and available at at least every two years – beginning with the 2013-2014 school year. d) Each school will be responsible for monitoring the participation of its coaches in the concussion management course, and shall keep a record of those who participate. BY-LAW 2.67 – PRACTICE POLICY FOR HEAT AND HUMIDITY Schools must follow the statewide policy for conducting practices and voluntary conditioning workouts in all sports during times of extremely high heat and/or humidity that will be signed by each head coach at the beginning of each season and distributed to all players and their parents or guardians. The policy shall follow modified guidelines of the American College of Sports Medicine in regard to: 1. The scheduling of practices at various heat/humidity levels 2. The ratio of workout time to time allotted for rest and hydration at various heat/humidity levels 3. The heat/humidity level that will result in practice being terminated A scientifically approved instrument that measures Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) reading must be utilized at each practice to ensure that the written policy is being followed properly. The Wet-Bulb Globe Temperature utilizes the following formula: .07 (humidity) + 0.2 (radiant heat) + 0.1 (ambient air temp) = WBGT. Here at ELCA, we use the Mannix, Model: SAM 990DW Digital Sling Psychrometer/Thermohygrometer to determine the Heat Index. After reviewing information from the GHSA, NFSHSA, and the NATA, we have concluded that the following guidelines regarding athletic participation in heat and humidity will be implemented. Based on the Wet-Bulb Globe Temperature Risk Chart: WBGT Reading - Activity & Rest Break Guidelines UNDER 82.0 - Normal activities. Provide at least three separate rest breaks each hour of minimum duration of 3 minutes each during workout. 82.0-86.9 - Use discretion for intense or prolonged exercise; watch at-risk players carefully; provide at least three separate rest breaks each hour of a minimum of four minutes duration each. 87.0-89.9 - Maximum practice time is two hours. For Football: players restricted to helmet, shoulder pads, and shorts during practice. All protective equipment must be removed for conditioning activities. For all sports: Provide at least four separate rest breaks each hour of a minimum of four minutes each. 90.0-92.0 - Maximum length of practice is one hour, no protective equipment may be worn during practice and there may be no conditioning activities. There must be 20 minutes of rest breaks provided during the hour of practice. OVER 92 - No outdoor workouts; Cancel exercise; delay practices until a cooler WBGT reading occurs. Guidelines for Hydration and Rest Breaks: 1. Rest time should involve both unlimited hydration intake (water or electrolyte drinks) and rest without any activity involved. 2. For football, helmets should be removed during rest time. 3. The site of the rest time should be a “cooling zone” and not in direct sunlight. 4. When the WBGT reading is over 86: a. Ice towels and spray bottles filled with ice water should be available at the “cooling zone” to aid the cooling process. b. Cold immersion tubs must be available for practices for the benefit of any player showing early signs of heat illness. Definitions 1. Practice: the period of time that a participant engages in a coach-supervised, school-approved sport or conditioning-related activity. Practices are timed from the time the players report to the field until they leave. 2. Walk Through: this period of time shall last no more than one hour, is not considered to be a part of the practice time regulation, and may not involve conditioning or weight-room activities. Players may not wear protective equipment. GENERAL RULES 1. No fund-raising or team-purchasing may be done without approval from the AD 2. There will be no team meetings, games, or practices on Sundays. 3. There will be no games, meets, or matches on Wednesday unless approved. 4. All athletes are to take good care of the school’s equipment. 5. Athletes should never be without a coach on or in any of the athletic facilities. 6. Athlete is required to turn in his/her uniform within two weeks of the last game. 7. Team awards are left to the discretion of the coach. EAGLE'S LANDING CHRISTIAN ACADEMY ATHLETIC HANDBOOK

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    CONTACT Contact Us Submit Thanks for contacting us! You will hear back from us shortly. EAGLE'S LANDING CHRISTIAN ACADEMY ADDRESS: 2400 Hwy. 42 North McDonough, GA 30253 PHONE: 770.957.2927 FAX: 770.957.2290

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    EAGLE'S LANDING CHRISTIAN ACADEMY STUDENTS STUDENT HANDBOOK FAITHFUL TO THE WORD FRIDAYS • SGA CHAPLAIN DEVOTIONS HELPFUL LINKS STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION LUMINESCENCE LITERARY MAGAZINE TECHNOLOGY RESOURCES ACADEMIC AWARDS COUNSELING WORLD IMPACT PROGRAM Welcome to Eagle's Landing Christian Academy, where we have been empowering students to impact the world since 1970. The Student Handbook is intended to inform the ELCA community about policies and procedures concerning students. It consolidates information from many sources on a variety of topics. It seeks to assist in the orientation of new students and to provide all students with an up-to-date reference on significant matters relating to ELCA life. It is the responsibility of each student/parent to be knowledgeable of the contents of this handbook. For their own benefit, students are urged to familiarize themselves with all relevant portions of the Student Handbook and ask for clarification of any information by contacting the administration of their respective school. We trust you will find your Student Handbook helpful throughout the year. STUDENT DRIVER VEHICLE REGISTRATION STUDENT HANDBOOK CLASS OF 2022 GRADUATION YARD SIGN ORDER FORM SGA SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION Eagle's Landing Christian Academy is a gospel-centered, Kingdom-focused, college preparatory school that exists to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the glory of God. Students, it is our prayer that your experience at ELCA will not only challenge you to reach academic heights and provide an environment for character development, but most importantly, establish a foundation for growth in your relationship with Jesus Christ that you will build upon all your life. Our administration, faculty and staff will pray for you daily as you discern God's will for your life. STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION ACADEMIC GUIDANCE COUNSELING College Counseling Email: Heather Reagan or Misty Weber ​ ACADEMIC ASSISTANCE Testing (MERIT) Accommodations Email: Dr. Anna King MERIT Classes: Grades 6-12 Elementary Reading Programs: Grades K-2 and 3-5 Elementary Math Program: Grades 3-5 Speech Senate Bill 10 ​ PSYCHOLOGICAL COUNSELING Mental Health Counseling Email: Holly Capp , LCSW (404) 867-0909 ​ THE SUPPORT NETWORK ELCA offers a network of diverse staff members to whom students can go if they wish to talk about a spiritual or mental health issue. This list is not exhaustive. Students can go to any person within the school to discuss psychological/emotional/spiritual issues. Notwithstanding, this network provides adults on campus who are available to assist as needed. Predominantly, these individuals will connect the student with resources in which the focus is prevention, intervention, positive development, and regular communication between school and families. Most importantly, though, the goal of this network is to glorify God. He is the Wonderful Counselor (Isaiah 9:6), Great Healer (Psalm 103:3), Eternal Helper (John 14:16) Restorer of the Broken-hearted (Psalm 147:3) and Keeper of Perfect Peace (Isaiah 26:3). Our staff is committed to assisting our students and their families by pointing them to the only ONE who can truly meet their needs. Through these resources, the focus is prevention, intervention, positive development, and regular communication between school and families. Members of the Support Network represent a school-wide commitment to improve mental health recognition and to provide beneficial resources in supporting students who are experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, or eating disorders. We are excited to discover more ways to impact our students to ensure their positive well-being. ​ ELCA does not tolerate bullying, harassment, or intimidation of any sort. Principals and the school counselor will thoroughly assess and intervene any such suspicions. Many preventative efforts are made through our Kingdom Educational foundation and Biblical Worldview approach to behavioral expectations. Our chapel services, Unity Counsel, Student government accountability groups, and more each promote proper treatment of others. Any deviation is quickly identified and addressed. ​ In any instance whereby child abuse or neglect is suspected, the staff member will immediately notify a principal and/or the School Counselor. The student will be evaluated and referred to the governmental authorities as determined appropriate by these individuals and as consistent with Mandatory Reporting laws. Mandated Reporters are not required to notify guardians of an official report of child abuse or neglect. ELCA will disclose this information as deemed safe and appropriate. Georgia Code for Child Abuse and Neglect Licensed Clinical Social Worker: Mrs. Holly Capp ​ INITIATIVES IN CONNECTION WITH THE SUPPORT NETWORK Indirect Counseling Bible Class – financial planning, inductive studies, worldview formation, mentoring, sex education,abstinence, social justice, rebellion, risk-taking, mental health, etc. Accountability groups Chapels on living victoriously, peer relations, social media, vaping, honesty, integrity Leadership seminars (such as SLI) Wilds’ 4-day Spiritual Retreat Professional Counselor's classroom presentations on body image, self-image, anxiety, healthy friendships, harassment/bullying, emotional regulation, healthy habits, pornography, technology, organization, and more. Self Esteem Building Awards ceremonies Whitewater rafting for seniors Peer accountability groups Wilds’ ropes courses/hikes Life Time Sports class Life Preparedness/Career Readiness Guidance Counseling - Mrs. Weber Personality inventory for life skill strengths Disney Senior trip (learning to navigate independence) Transition lectures for middle and high school students Orientation for rising seniors and their parents discussing college/career requirements upon graduation World Impact Mission trips Safe Driving lectures/classes Lower school parent articles Staff Development Book study Continuing Education on mental health, physical health, spiritual health, cultural diversity Cultural Diversity Diversity Council Historic Excursions Curriculum Integration Grace Week Taste of ELCA Classroom Discussions Chapel Integration School Cohesiveness Grade Level Overnight Trips (Rock Eagle, St. Augustine, The Wilds, Walt Disney World, Creation Museum, Washington DC) Mission Trips Academic/Cultural Multi-night Excursions Senior Rafting trip Pep Rallies Student council Crisis Intervention Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Holly Capp Ethnic Unity Liaison, Gilbert Fields School Resource Officer, Jacob Hearn Licensed Nurse, Linda Payne Concealed-carry staff members Onsite active shooter training for faculty and staff Regular drills with students for emergency preparedness (tornado, fire, active shooter, etc.) Eagles Landing Counseling Center (licensed professional counselors) The Church and Therapy Blog Post Struggling with Stress and Depression-Blog Post The Truth about Eating Disorders Guided into Living Grace: Practical, Christ-centered guidance for your personal mental health journey The Importance of School Mental Health Services Redefine Grace: Mental Health Solutions Student Mental Health Concerns: Steps to Take Now Pregnancy Resource Center Eagles Landing Counseling Center (licensed professional counselors) Al-Anon Grief Share Satan is No Friend of the Family-Blog Post Divorce Care ​ Children and Divorce Guide OTHER RESOURCES COUNSELING ACADEMIC AWARDS 2021 MS AWARDS 2022-2023 MS AWARDS 2022-2023 HS AWARDS APPLICATION The Leadership Scholarship sponsored by the Student Council is available to all seniors. The recipient of this scholarship will demonstrate the attributes specific to Student Council’s mission: leadership, service, academic integrity, and exemplary representation of Eagle’s Landing Christian Academy’s spirit. To apply for this scholarship, a student must meet the following criteria: 1) be eligible to receive the Hope scholarship, 2) submit a letter of reference from a faculty member which attests to the student’s eligibility for consideration, 3) submit evidence of admissions to a post-secondary institution for the upcoming fall, and 4) submit a completed application by the due date. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered. STUDENT COUNCIL LEADERSHIP COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIP 2023-2024 STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION EXECUTIVE BOARD President – Kristen Capp and Lauren Lee Vice President – Elizabeth Lewis Chaplains - Luke Gross, Audrey An Meletio and Nyla Osmani Public Relations - Sydney Craddock and Kennedy Lilly Unity Board President - Nico Mathew Unity Board Vice President - Madison Norwood Webmaster - Matthew Johnson Finance - Alex Cook SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President – Bryson Fields Vice-President – Amber Hensel Unity Board Representative - Joshua Banks Reporter - Mariah Monroig JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President – Allison Hinton Vice-President – Jack Shuler Unity Board Representative - Grace Lee and Kaila Leslie Reporter - Eli Phillips SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President – Reagan Harris Vice-President – Emily Moghaddam Unity Board Representative - Christopher Craddock Reporter - Ana Corales TECHNOLOGY RESOURCES ​ COMMON CORE ALIGNED MATH APPS FOR MIDDLE & HIGH SCHOOL ​Widget - A Widget is a stand-alone application that can be embedded into third-party sites by any user on a page where they have rights of authorship, e.g. a webpage, blog, or profile on a social media site. The following 3 widgets were curated by Chris Beyerle and embedded on this page offering applications that are aligned to the Common Core. ELEMENTARY/PRESCHOOL MATH APPS SYMBALOO #1 MIDDLE AND HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT TECHNOLOGY RESOURCES Symbaloo - A Symbaloo is a visual bookmarking tool that makes it simple and fun to organize your favorite websites at your fingertips. BRING YOUR OWN TECHNOLOGY Eagle's Landing Christian Academy believes that to be competitive in a global economy we need a technology–rich environment to prepare students for life in the 21st century. In a very competitive, digital economy, educational technology is one of the critical components for providing the tools our students need in order to reach their full potential. It is our goal to provide technology integrated standards based curriculum that will allow our students to acquire the skills needed to be successful in the 21st century’s global community and workforce. If you have any questions regarding ELCA's technology integration program and plans, please contact Denise Martin . K-12 INSTRUCTIONAL TECHNOLOGY EDUCATIONAL APPS FOR ELEMENTARY STUDENTS STUDENT HELP SYMBALOO #2 VIRTUAL FIELD TRIPS ELEMENTARY/PRESCHOOL PHONICS YEARBOOK HIGH SCHOOL ACADEMIC RESOURCES UNIFORM & SUPPLY INFO HELPFUL LINKS LUMINESCENCE Student Literary Magazine

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    How can I stay informed about what's going on at the school? Our website is a valuable source of a variety of information. The ELCA News page has information about current events updated daily. ​ A weekly announcement and reminder email is sent to families every Monday. ​ A Calendar of events is located on our website that allows you to search events. ​ School-specific emails are sent to families to provide important details for events pertaining to certain grades. ​ If you are not receiving these emails, there could be a problem with your email preferences in FACTS SIS. To have this checked or to update your email, phone and/or address, please email Rebecca Wood . Does the school have any specific events that purposes to connect families with the administration? Communicating with our families is a top priority for our academy. We start the year off with a Back to School Day, which is a time to fellowship with our families. New parents are invited to attend an orientation coffee at the beginning of the year. Mid-year, we schedule a State of School address, which is a time to celebrate accomplishments of the school year, and inform families of upcoming plans, including re-enrollment information for the next school year. Where do I drop off and pick up my child? To minimize traffic congestion in the mornings and afternoons, we have designated drop off and pick up areas for the different schools available here . To learn more about your child's school car pool plan, please view our car pool page. If you have multiple children in different schools, please contact the specific school's secretary to work out the best plan for your family. What are the uniform requirements for each grade? Uniform requirements vary between the different schools. Uniform information and guidelines are listed on the uniforms and supplies webpage . As a convenience to our families, all uniform needs may be purchased at the ELCA Charger Store . My child lost his hoodie - where might I find it? Misplaced items are bound to happen in all environments. To aid in recovering lost items, we encourage families to label all items of clothing and supplies. When found, the items can promptly be returned to students. Non-labeled items are taken to school secretaries where they are kept for a short period of time. Please contact your school secretary if your child has misplaced a belonging. Can I view my child's grades online? FACTS SIS , provided as a quick link on the footer of the website home page, allows parents to see their child's average as well as specific grades on assignments. Additionally, parents may view their child's class schedule, attendance, conduct history and much more. What if I'm having difficulty logging into FACTS SIS? If you're experiencing trouble logging in to FACTS SIS, email detailing your problem and you will receive an email response with the solution. What if I have questions regarding my statement? Questions regarding your statement or financial account should be directed to the Business Office . My child mentioned that I need to complete a form - where might I find it? Although forms specific to a particular class may have to be received from the teacher, many forms may be found on our website by using the Search bar function. Always feel free to email contact@eagleslanding,org for assistance. How can I get in touch with a specific teacher, staff or administrator? Visit the Faculty & Staff page to view administrators, faculty, and staff. If you need to contact a teacher, email them for a quick response. Email addresses may be found on FACTS SIS. Inquiries that need immediate attention may be addressed by calling your school's secretary. May I eat lunch with my child? Parents are welcomed to join their child for lunch. Although we ask that no outside food be brought into the Eagle Cafe, parents may purchase lunch on campus and enjoy the SAGE dining experience. If you are planning on dining with us, please call the receptionist at 770-957-2927 to allow us to prepare accordingly. How can I get up-to-date information on athletic events that have been re-scheduled? To get the latest game times and directions to athletic events, visit the individual team pages under our Athletics tab . What opportunities are there for me to get involved at the school? Our parents are a huge part of what makes ELCA different than other schools. Involved parents not only provide invaluable assistance in enriching our programs, but more importantly, support their child's sense of self-worth by showing that they care about the child's experience. We welcome our Early Learning and Elementary parents to assist in the classrooms. Parents at all grade levels are encouraged to join our auxiliary organizations - PTF, Fine Arts Patrons, and Athletic Booster Club. Other individual opportunities are available as well. If there is a specific area you are interested in serving, please contact that area's administrator to get "plugged in." HAVE A DIFFERENT QUESTION? CONTACT US How will I be informed of weather-related school closings? In the event of inclement weather, parents will be emailed information regarding the closing. Further notice will be posted on our school Facebook page ( and Instagram account (elca_chargers). Parents may also turn to WSB, 11 Alive, or Fox 5 for reports of school closings. FAQS

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    FACULTY & STAFF Administration RICHARD ALLEN Interim Head of School DOUG CAMPBELL Assistant Head of School CINDY GEORGE Chief Academic Officer CINDY BAKER Chief Financial Officer MICHELLE BLACKBURN Lower School Assistant Principal of Spiritual Life and Discipline DONNA BOWIE Registrar JAY COVINGTON High School Assistant Principal IVEY G DAVIS Director of Curriculum & Instruction BECKY DEAN Director of Marketing & Communications BETHANY FARRAR Director of Admissions JACOB HEARN School Resource Officer SUSAN HEARN Lower School Principal ERICA HEWLIN Admissions CATHIE KELLY Middle School Dean of Students THADD LAPSLEY Director of Information Technology DENISE MARTIN Assistant Principal of Instruction, Grades 5-12 CLAYTON MCCLURE Spiritual Life Director HEIDI MCCLURE Operations Administrator SCOTT QUEEN Athletic Director BECKY SMITH Advancement Coordinator LISA STONE Lower School Assistant Principal of Curriculum and Instruction KIM TERRELL High School Principal AIMEE WHITLOCK Admissions ANDY WHITLOCK Middle School Principal Business Office GERI CASH Business Office LAINEY CLANTON Student Accounts LORI OSBORNE Business Office REBECCA WOOD Business Office MICHELLE AARON Paraprofessional VICTORIA AGUILAR Paraprofessional MELODY BARNT Paraprofessional MICHELE BERRY Paraprofessional KAREN BRITTON Paraprofessional GLARRETTER BROWN 3rd Grade KATIE CAGLE Kindergarten BRANDI CASON PreK 3 DONNA COOPER PreK 3 KATRINA DICKERSON Paraprofessional KAREN ETHRIDGE Kindergarten DIANA FERREIRA Spanish SOPHONIE FORTUNE Paraprofessional JEDAIYLAH FRANCIS Paraprofessional JADA GENOVES Paraprofessional MELODY HARRIS 4th Grade AMBER HEARN Paraprofessional APRIL HENDERSON Kindergarten CELESTTE HERNANDEZ Paraprofessional LORI HOPKINS 4th Grade GWEN HORTMAN Paraprofessional VICKI HOWINGTON 4th Grade VICTORIA INGRAM 1st Grade JOY KING 3rd Grade JESSICA LLOYD 2nd Grade WALTERESSA LYLES Paraprofessional DAWN MILLER 3rd Grade SARAH LEE MIX 1st Grade TRICIA MURPHY 2nd Grade CINDI NORTHROP PreK 4 CYNTHIA ANN PETTY Paraprofessional AMANDA POLLOCK Administrative Assistant LASHONDA REID PreK 3 JENNIFER RICKNER 1st Grade TONYA SIMPSON PreK 4 STACY SMITH Project Lead the Way and EXCEL teacher CINDY ST JOHN Kindergarten KARA ST JOHN Paraprofessional LAURA THORN 3rd Grade IVY TOMAN PreK 4 JANEL TYLER Paraprofessional CHARMARIE VIRGIN PreK 4 MELISSA WALL PreK 3 PAULA WILLIAMS 2nd Grade Fine Arts COURTNEY BUCKLEY Administrative Assistant SUSAN COOK English MATT CRUMBLEY English DANA GREENICH Math MARY-LOUISE GUILLEBEAU Math AMBER HEIDLE English KYLE HILLIARD Bible DALTON HOLLAND History PAUL JAGUS Science JENNI JEFFERY History/English RICK JONES Bible SARAH KELLOGG Bible ANDRETTI LOYD P.E. MATT MCKINNEY Bible NETTIE NEWMAN Math KORI OWENS Math LUKE RAINES History/Health GREGORY SHOOK Health/Life Skills ANGELA STITT Science CATHERINE STOKES Reading DAVID BALTY English LANA BRAGG-ANSLEY English KIM BULLARD Science BETH BURER Math & Science CORY CARTER History KIM CREASEY Administrative Assistant CARY DAVIS History KAREN FATY Math GILBERT FIELDS Bible VALERIE FIELDS Health/Bible/AP Psychology KATHRYN GODWIN English LOURDES GOMEZ Spanish MINETTE JOHNSON Spanish SCOTT KING Science JUDITH LOCKHART Math PAIGE LOYD Science RACHEL MASSENGALE Administrative Assistant SHELLEY MCNEIGHT English ZACHARY MOORE Bible ADAM MORGAN Science MIKE MORTON ISS WILLIAM OWEN Science LAURA PATRICK Math KERRY RIX History JEREMY ROBBINS Bible TANNER ROGERS P.E. BO RUSH Math DAVID SMITH Bible MISTY WEBER History and College Placement Counselor High School Support Staff LOWER SCHOOL Middle School RACHEL ALLRED Middle School Art RICK BARHAM Lower School Keyboarding SARAH BLACKABY High School Art CHUCK EKSTEDT Drama TRACEY FULLER Director of Fine Arts BEVERLY HEDGES Administrative Assistant LINDA JONES Lower School Art DEREK ROCK Band Director JOSEPH TUCKER Guitar Instructor Student Support Staff DEBORAH BALL FACS Instructor BLAKE BEASLEY Learning Differences Support Staff BLAKELEY BRADLEY GROW Instructor LISA CANNON Arrowsmith Instructor ANNA KING Director of Student Support Services MIRANDA MIROCHA Administrative Assistant LISA SCHUERMAN Arrowsmith Instructor KATHY SLIGH STARS Instructor BECKY BARHAM Front Desk Clerk TINA BARHAM Instructional Technology Specialist HANNAH BROWN Media Specialist HOLLY CAPP Counselor KATIE COOL Nurse RHEAANN COUCH Charger Store ANGELA LAPSLEY Nurse TERESA MCKAY Charger Store JUAN PAGAN Athletics Manager HEATHER REAGAN Guidance Counselor VICKY RODGERS Front Desk Clerk ANGIE RUSH ASEP

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    ELCA CONNECT COURSE CATALOG ELCA CONNECT COURSE LIST ELCA CONNECT Expanded Options Tuition ELCA CONNECT ENROLLMENT APPLICATION ELCA CONNECT ENROLLMENT CONTRACT STUDENT PREPARATION FOR ONLINE LEARNING ELCA Connect brings the option of online learning to ELCA students for the purposes of schedule augmentation, credit rescue, or credit recovery. Students may expand their traditional schedule with courses that are not offered in the classroom in order to gain additional course credits or to address schedule conflicts due to fine arts, athletics, or other interests. ELCA Connect courses for augmentation, credit rescue, and/or credit recovery are in addition to the student's 7-hour traditional schedule. Expanded Options through ELCA Connect CREDIT RECOVERY CREDIT RESCUE ELCA CONNECT LOG-IN Contact Heather Reagan with any questions.

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    24-25 APPLICATIONS ARE NOW OPEN INQUIRE ABOUT ADMISSION Welcome to Eagle's Landing Christian Academy Imagine a school that offers rigorous academics consistently yielding ACT and SAT scores above the county, state, and national averages, exemplary fine arts classes, along with athletic teams at the top of GHSA state rankings. Merge these with highly qualified, ardent teachers who teach every discipline with a biblical worldview and you have a program that sets each student on a path to accomplishment and victory…not only presently, but for eternity. OUR SCHOOL AT A GLANCE 30 AP & DUAL ENROLLMENT COURSES OFFERED 1320 SAT SCORE FOR THE TOP 10% OF THE CLASS OF 2023 #1 BEST PRIVATE K-12 SCHOOL IN HENRY COUNTY, GEORGIA AS RANKED BY NICHE $50M+ IN ACADEMIC, ARTS & ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIPS EARNED BY THE 81 STUDENTS IN THE CLASS 2023 Eagle's Landing Christian Academy admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, and athletic and other school-administered programs. Every day is an OPEN HOUSE SCHEDULE YOUR PERSONAL TOUR TODAY A school that teaches WHAT YOU MODEL AT HOME LEARN MORE I want to TELL MY ELCA STORY SHARE NOW I'd like to REQUEST INFORMATION INQUIRE TODAY LATEST NEWS Atlanta's Premier Christian Private School on the Southside

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    TUITION & FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE As a parent, you know that your child’s education will impact the trajectory of their future. Whether your student is in kindergarten or high school, you want to see them thriving — academically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. At Eagle’s Landing Christian Academy, we develop the whole child for a lifetime of learning, providing a strong foundation for success in college and beyond. Available Discounts & Financial Aid Providing your child with an ELCA education gives them access to rigorous academics, equips them with a Biblical worldview, and offers a close-knit community. As they interact with teachers, coaches, mentors and staff, you can rest assured that there is alignment between your child’s home and school life, and that the Christian values you’ve taught are being strengthened— not torn down. But like many parents, you might be wondering how enrolling at a private, Christian school will affect your family’s budget, or perhaps you’re not even sure if you can afford it. At Eagle’s Landing Christian Academy , we are committed to making high-quality, Christ-centered education accessible to as many families as possible. Affordability is an important concern, and we’re pleased to offer need-based financial aid , as well as other tuition discounts. $500,000 of financial aid offered annually to approximately 30% of the student body Tuition 2024-2025 ​ Click here for a full tuition breakdown. ​ (Monthly rates paid over 12 months) Early Learning Academy ​ Three and Four-Year-Old Options 5 Half Days - $9,240 ($770 per month) 5 Full Days - $11, 550 ($963 per month) K5 - Grade 5 ​ First Child $13,602 yearly $14,256 monthly ($1,188 per month) Second Child $12,922 yearly $13,548 monthly ($1,129 per month) Third Child $12,242 yearly $12,828 monthly ($1,069 per month) Fourth Child $11,562 yearly $12,120 monthly ($1,010 per month) ​ Grades 6-12 ​ First Child $16,175 yearly $17,016 monthly ($1,418 per month) Second Child $15,366 yearly $16,164 monthly ($1,347 per month) Third Child $14,558 yearly $15,312 monthly ($1,276 per month) Fourth Child $13,749 yearly $14,460 monthly ($1,205 per month) INCLUDED IN TUITION Lunch for grades K5 - grade 12 Fine arts and athletic fees for grades 6-12 PSAT testing fees Pre ACT testing fees MAP testing fees Admission to all on-campus plays, concerts, and regular season athletic events Annual yearbook ADDITIONAL FEES School uniforms Field trips/mission trips Yearly Continuous Enrollment fee After School program Year after year, we see how God provides for families who want to invest in Christian education but may not be able to afford the full tuition cost. We offer tuition assistance through tuition discounts and need-based financial aid. Discounts include: ​ Multi-child discount: If you have multiple students attending ELCA, you will receive a discount. Full-payment discount: Available for families who pay the full tuition amount by June 1. New student referral program: ELCA parents can earn up to a $500 tuition credit for each new student referred. Please contact the admissions office for terms and conditions. Need-Based Financial Aid Families who need financial assistance should apply online through FACTS, a third-party tuition management system. The cost to apply is $40. FACTS confidentially evaluates each applicant’s unique financial situation by reviewing tax information and other documents. Financial assistance is offered on the basis of demonstrated financial need and is limited, so please apply as soon as possible. Financial Aid Guidelines Apply for Financial Aid Please note: An application for admission or updated registration information must be on file at ELCA in order to apply for financial aid. Applications for admission and financial aid applications are always reviewed separately. Applying for financial aid has no bearing on a student’s admissibility to our school. Schedule Your Tour Take the next step and schedule a visit to our campus to explore all we have to offer. We look forward to meeting you soon and learning more about your family’s goals, as well as your child’s unique interests. Come Visit Eagle’s Landing Christian Academy! Ready to see firsthand if Eagle’s Landing Christian Academy is the right fit for your family? Schedule a tour!

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    For Our Newest Chargers... We have a special gift (your Newest Charger yard sign) for you! This information is organized so as to help answer your questions and facilitate a smooth transition into the new school year. As always, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. ​ ​ ELCA works hard to deliver timely, informative and complete information to our ELCA family through our website, social media feeds, weekly reminder emails, and monthly newsletters. Below you will find a list of common questions and where you may find answers. ​ *We're a new family, how can we learn more about ELCA? Sign up to attend one of our New Parent Orientation Coffees *What time does school start and end for my student? Instruction Hours - Early Learning Academy Instruction Hours - Elementary Instruction Hours - Middle School Instruction Hours - High School *Where can I find the school calendar: School Calendar *Where do I drop-off and pick-up my student? Carpool Information *My student is driving to school…is a parking permit required? Student Driver Information ​ *What do I need to know about SAGE Dining Services? Sage Dining Services ​ *Do you offer after school care and/or care during breaks? After-School Enrichment Program Young Chargers Enrichment Program - (K5-8 th grade) ​ *How do I reach the school nurse? Health Services ​ *What uniform items do I need to purchase for my student? Are PE uniforms required? School Store and Uniform Guidelines ​ *What supplies does my student need this year? Supply Lists ​ *I ordered school supplies from our Partner in Ed, LH School Supplies. How will I receive my supplies? Pick up your school supply order from LH School Supplies during B2SD in the main foyer. If you are unable to make it, your supplies will be available from the receptionist on the first day of school. ​ *What is Jeans for Missions? Jeans for Missions ​ *Where may I find information about school security? How do I find out about school closings or other weather-related concerns? Safety and Security ​ *Where do I go to check my student's grades, etc? FACTS Family Online – ELCA’s District Code is EL-GA. You will use the same email address that you provided in your enrollment process. ​ *Where do I go to see the charges on my bill? FACTS ​ *Who may I speak to if I have questions about charges on my bill? Business Office ​ *Where may I find a copy of the Student Handbook? (It is the responsibility of the parent to be familiar with the contents of the Student Handbook.) Student Handbook ​ *Where may I find information about the transportation service from the Conyers area? Transportation from Conyers ​ *How do I remain informed of ELCA events and activities? Keep your email address current in FACTS us with any updates Explore the ELCA website ELCA Daily Announcements Like us on Facebook , follow us on X and Instagram Email with any questions ​ Other FAQs... WELCOME NEW PARENTS! WE'RE SO GLAD YOU'RE HERE! Welcome to the Eagle's Landing Christian Academy family! We are excited your family has chosen to join ours! If you missed the New Parent Coffee, you can view that below. View the 2023-24 New Parent Coffee Presentation

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    FAITHFUL TO THE WORD FRIDAYS SGA Chaplain Led Devotions Devotion by Claire Massengale Devotion by Miller Doerr Devotion by Alyssa Leventhal Devotion by Janine Baldwin Devotion by Nyla Osmani Devotion by Miller Doerr Devotion by Claire Massengale

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    VISIT EAGLE’S LANDING CHRISTIAN ACADEMY We’re excited you're considering a private Christian school education at our accredited PK-12 academy. It is our pleasure to invite you to walk the halls of our school, located on an 86-acre campus in McDonough, Georgia, and explore our amenities firsthand. Experience a day in the life of an ELCA student, where community and Christ-centered academics meet. Explore ELCA in a Variety of Ways Once you’re ready to visit us, schedule a tour at a time that’s convenient for you. We offer personal tours, Open House events and shadow days for prospective families to experience ELCA first-hand. Start by scheduling a personal tour to see our campus and meet our faculty and staff. PERSONAL TOUR OPEN HOUSE Meet our administrators, faculty, and staff at one of our receptions. This is a great opportunity to learn about our curriculum, student activities, and support services before scheduling a personal tour. ​ Tuesday, October 8 Tuesday, January 14 Tuesday, March 11 Tuesday, April 15 ​ Click Here to RSVP ​ ​ ​ STUDENT SHADOW EXPERIENCE Once you’ve taken a personal tour, have your child meet current students, sit in on a class, and interact with a teacher. Prospective students in 4th grade and higher can take part in this option. Other Ways to Experience ELCA When you visit Eagle’s Landing Christian Academy, you’ll be able to tour the following school facilities: ​ Gymnasium School store Charger Cafe Main auditorium Academic hall of fame Library and media center Science labs (biology, chemistry, anatomy) Playground (early learners) ​ What else could you expect on your school tour? Contact our Director of Admissions, Bethany Farrar, by email at or at (678) 818-1072 for additional information. What to Expect When You Visit Our Campus Schedule your visit to experience ELCA. How should we prepare for a tour? To help make the most of your tour experience, think about what's important to you. Browse our website and bring a list of any questions you have. Want to know more about a certain club or activity? We’re here to help. Where do we meet for the tour? When you arrive at Eagle’s Landing Christian Academy, please check in with the receptionist. One of our admissions team members will meet you in the lobby. Where is Eagle’s Landing Christian Academy located? Our beautiful campus in McDonough, Georgia, is 25 miles southwest of Atlanta. It is located in Henry County. Our address is 2400 Hwy 42N, McDonough, Georgia 30253 Frequently Asked Questions Here are a few questions we frequently hear from parents interested in touring our private Christian school. “Attending ELCA has shaped me as a person. I have grown not only in life, but also in my personal relationship with God. Teachers, students, and administrators have poured into me personally through my studies, conversations, and relationships. I can't thank ELCA enough for the amazing life lessons that they have taught me in my time as a student here.” ​ - Abby Phillips, ELCA Class of 2023 Experience the ELCA Difference Join us for a school visit. Sign up for a tour today. We look forward to meeting you!

  • History of ELCA | Eagle's Landing Christian Academy | McDonough, GA

    THE HISTORY OF EAGLE'S LANDING CHRISTIAN ACADEMY TUITION INFORMATION SCHEDULE A TOUR THE ELCA ADVANTAGE Eagle’s Landing Christian Academy has its roots in the founding of McDonough Christian Academy in 1970. In 1994, the Academy became a ministry of Eagle’s Landing First Baptist Church. In the years between 1970 and 1994, the Academy operated as Meadow Creek Academy and Greater Atlanta Christian School -- Meadow Creek Campus. ​ Since 1994, the academy has experienced its strongest growth. ELCA opened its doors in 1994 with 170 students and grew to 593 students by 1999. During this season of growth, both the church and school decided to sell their existing properties and relocate on the current 150-acre campus. Since 1994, the Academy has: Moved to a new 86 acre campus on Highway 42 North (2000). Expanded high school wing, and added football field and stadium, field house, and other athletic fields (2002). Added a state-of-the-art playground facility with a basketball court, a gated play area with artificial turf, and a special area designated for preschool that includes a tricycle track (2006). Completed multi-level 63,500-square-foot Activity Center which includes a gymnasium, weight room, Chapel and wrestling room (2006). Expanded Middle School and High School classrooms Added Middle School and High School Collaboratory (2019) Eagle’s Landing Christian Academy invites you to visit our campus and allow us to show you how we are partnering with parents and the local church to prepare students for a life as a Christian leader. We pray that our students will choose Christian character before career, wisdom beyond scholarship, and service before self. ELCA is committed to excellence in all areas, spiritually, academically, aesthetically, athletically, and socially.

  • The ELCA Advantage | Eagle's Landing Christian Academy | McDonough, GA

    CORE VALUES The Bible and The Church – ELCA believes that all scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for reproof, correction, instruction, and righteousness. The Church has been and always will be God’s instrument to fulfill His purposes here on earth. (II Timothy 3:16, Acts 2:42-47) The Family – ELCA supports parents and guardians in their biblical responsibility to nurture and to train their children to realize their God-given potential so they may live lives that glorify God. (Ephesians 6:1-4, Proverbs 22:6) Academic Excellence - ELCA teachers and students are called to academic excellence through the teaching and learning of 21st Century skills to cultivate life-long learning. (Colossians 3:23, 1 Corinthians 10:31, Luke 2:52) Service and Stewardship - ELCA embodies a culture where students are encouraged to utilize their God-given talents to serve others. (Matthew 20:26-28, Luke 12:35) STUDENT/TEACHER RATIOS • Preschool - 6:1 average • K5 through 1st Grade - 8:1 average • 2nd through 8th Grade - 16:1 average • 9th Grade and Up - Average ratio of 18:1 with lower ratios in AP Classes Eagle's Landing Christian Academy maintains low student to teacher ratios as follows: Cognia (formerly AdvancED) is the largest education improvement organization in the world. Their 125-year history of success is built on expertise in accreditation and certification, assessment, professional learning and improvement solutions. Accreditations Cognia (formerly AdvancED) Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) Council on Educational Standards and Accountability (CESA) - candidate school Memberships ​ National Alliance of Christian Schools Georgia High School Association College Board ​ Georgia Independent School Association. For more than 40 years, ACSI has faithfully lived out its mission to strengthen Christian schools and equip Christian educators worldwide as they prepare students academically and inspire them to become devoted followers of Jesus Christ. THE ELCA ADVANTAGE Imagine a school that offers rigorous academics consistently yielding ACT and SAT scores above the county, state and national averages, exemplary fine arts classes, along with athletic teams at the top of GHSA state rankings. Merge these with highly qualified, ardent teachers who teach every discipline with a biblical worldview and you have a program that sets each student on a path to accomplishment and victory…not only presently, but for eternity. We invite you to visit our campus to experience what makes Eagle's Landing Christian Academy unique, and to explore how we can partner with you as your child gains understanding of their unique role in God’s plan. Eagle's Landing Christian Academy is a Christ-centered, college preparatory Christian school. The school is located on an 86-acre campus twenty-five miles south of Atlanta. Eagle's Landing Christian Academy offers a well-rounded, biblically based academic program for children grades K-3 through 12. Through the School Improvement Plan continuum, we strive to prepare students from the youngest age to progress year by year into students who are capable of succeeding in a rigorous academic setting, taking advantage of Honors and AP courses. This is achieved through an alignment of curriculum and face-to-face, intentional collaboration of teachers of preschool through 12th grade students. The results of this Ethic of Continuous Improvement are students who enter college at higher-than-freshman status and students who are capable of success in any path the Lord has for his or her future. ​ ELCA is on the forefront of Christian education in providing diverse learning environments for all learners. One such area in our school is our MERIT program (Multi-faceted Educational Resources and Instructional Technologies), which falls under the auspices of our Student Support Services program. It is through this cutting-edge program that we are able to provide college-prep curriculum to students who are not as successful in a traditional style classroom. These students are able to be in a conducive learning environment in which they thrive and are highly successful. Eagle's Landing Christian Academy is accredited by Cognia, ACSI, and is a candidate school for CESA accreditation. These accreditations qualify our students to be eligible for state scholarships and ensures credit recognition to any college or school in the country. In addition, Eagle's Landing Christian Academy is a member of the Georgia High School Association (GHSA), Region 5 Class AA, the National Alliance of Christian Schools, The College Board, and the Georgia Independent School Association. THE MISSION Eagle's Landing Christian Academy is a gospel-centered, Kingdom-focused, college preparatory school that exists to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the glory of God. THE VISION The vision of Eagle's Landing Christian Academy is to educate future generations to develop and embrace a God-centered worldview. STATEMENT OF UNITY ELCA strives to nurture a unified community of God-centered individuals who are known and valued for whom God distinctly created them to be. We recognize and respect our cultural differences and unique abilities, rejoice in our similarities, and love ALL individuals as image-bearers of God. CONTACT ADMISSIONS REQUEST A TOUR Eagle's Landing Christian Academy does not rent, sell, trade, or provide personal information to individuals or organizations outside of the school. Eagle's Landing Christian Academy may share personal information to individuals or organizations contracted by or with the school to do business on behalf of Eagle's Landing Christian Academy. Any third parties who conduct business on behalf of Eagle's Landing Christian Academy are required to adhere to the school's privacy policy. ​ Eagle's Landing Christian Academy admits students of any race, color, national or ethnic origin, to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admission policies, financial assistance program, or athletic and other school-administered programs. WHY CHOOSE ELCA? • ELCA is accredited in both ACSI and Cognia • Kingdom Education for grades K3-12 • Ranked #1 Private School in Henry County by Niche since 2019 • Ranked in the Top 20 Largest Private Schools in the Atlanta Area by the Atlanta Business Chronicle • Differentiated instruction for various learning styles • EXCEL, Honors and Advanced Placement, as well as the Student Support Services program for students with diagnosed learning differences offer the rigor and relevance necessary to provide our varied learners with the preparation for success after high school • Weekly chapel and daily Bible lessons for all grades to encourage the development of a Biblical worldview • 52% of faculty and administration hold advanced degrees • International and national cultural and mission trip opportunities • Championship caliber athletic programs with a Kingdom Athletics philosophy • Superb fine arts program including art, band, chorus, drama, guitar, praise band, and marching band • After School and Summer Enrichment Programs • SMART boards in every PreK4-12 classroom • Elementary PC Lab • iPads in preschool • Media Center with iPad and laptop cart TUITION INFORMATION ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE WHY CHOOSE ELCA? "It means so much to know that the Christian values I teach at home are being reinforced at ELCA. You can't put a value on that." ~ELCA Parent

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