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The Kingdom Athlete is

...a child of God daily surrendered to His will and for His service, athlete who seeks to glorify God through his actions, athlete who adopts the “Win the Day” philosophy in all areas of life, athlete who is humble and grateful for his gifts and opportunities, athlete who is submissive to authority, athlete who has a teachable spirit, athlete who leads by serving others, athlete who strives for victory, gives perfect effort and never quits. athlete who understands he represents more than himself. athlete who is not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ and seeks opportunities to share the good news with teammates, parents, officials, opponents and to the multitude of children that will look to them as they model Christ-like leadership.

We are so excited to be celebrating the Class of 2023 this year! We know God has great things in store for their future.  Contact Mrs. Davis if you have any questions.



Academic Signing Day – Friday, April 28, at 10:00am (guests encouraged to attend)

  • If you are participating in Academic Signing Day, you may begin setting up your table in the gym at 7:00am.  Please use the Activities Center to enter.  Parents are welcome to arrive at 7:00am to help their child set up.

  • Table locations are selected on a first come, first served basis.

  • All guests should park in the lower elementary parking lot (playground side) and enter through the Activities Center entrance for the event.

  • We ask that parents stay behind to clean up their child’s table as the seniors will be leaving for off campus senior lunch right after Academic Signing Day.

  • All students participating in Academic Signing Day will be released from class at the end of second period (9:38am).  

  • Attire for all students this day is jeans and a college shirt/sweatshirt.  


Senior Sweatpants Day and Kickball Tournament – Friday, May 5, during 5th period (seniors only)


Senior College Spirit Day – Tuesday, May 9

  • Seniors may wear a college shirt and paint their skirt/pants for college spirit day.


Senior Breakfast – Thursday, May 18, at 8:00am (seniors only-report to cafeteria)

  • Seniors should park in the football parking lot and enter the doors by the cafeteria (next to the link).

  • All seniors should bring their cap, gown, tassel, and stole to the breakfast to change into for the senior walk that is following the breakfast.  

  • Attire for breakfast, senior walk, and Graduation practice is listed below.  If you do not adhere to the dress guidelines listed below, you will not be allowed to participate in the senior walk.

    • Girls

      • T-shirts (no sleeveless, backless, low cut, or midriffs) and appropriate length shorts (fingertip).

      • Nice shoes to wear with cap and gown for senior walk.

      • Shoes you plan to wear to Graduation for practice (can be same as senior walk).

    • Guys

      • T-shirts (no sleeveless) and ELCA khaki pants and Sperry shoes.  You will be wearing your gown over your clothes and need to wear pants.  Bring shorts and comfortable shoes to change into after the senior walk.


Senior Walk – Thursday, May 18, at 9:30am (guests encouraged to attend)

  • Students must follow the attire guidelines listed above to be able to participate in the senior walk.

  • Students must have their caps, gowns, tassels, and stoles for the walk.  For safe keeping, these will be given to parents directly following the walk.

  • Please note that it is of extreme importance that parents take all Graduation regalia with them following the walk as we do not have extra items and would hate for students to be missing something for the actual Graduation Ceremony.

  • Students will walk the halls as the whole student body lines the building to say goodbye to our seniors.  

  • Guests should plan to use the main parking lot and enter through the main entrance.  You will be directed where to stand upon your arrival.

  • Guests are welcome to make signs to hold as you cheer for your senior.  

Graduation Practice – Thursday, May 18, at 10:15am (seniors only-report to gym)

  • The weather will more than likely be HOT at practice, please bring sunscreen, sunglasses, and plenty of water.

  • Practice is MANDATORY for all seniors who plan to participate in the Graduation Ceremony.

  • Practice starts at 10:15am sharp. Please be on time as we are on a tight schedule. 

  • All seniors need to sit on the home side of the bleachers until directed to your correct spot. 

  • Practice will conclude around 12:30pm.

  • Feel free to bring yearbooks to sign as well. 

  • Seniors will sign for graduation tickets (12 each) at practice. These tickets will not be replaced if lost. Seniors are encouraged to give their parents the tickets as soon as possible for safekeeping. 

  • If you have tickets that you are not using, you are welcome to share those with another graduate should you choose.  We do not require unused tickets to be returned to the school and therefore, cannot assist graduates with securing other unused tickets.

  • Select seniors will also receive Beta and NHS cords at practice.



ELCA Class of 2023 Graduation 

Friday, May 19, at 7:00pm (Contingency Plan – Saturday, May 20, at 10:00am)


Graduate Reminders 

  • Arrive by 6:00pm sharp. 

  • All graduates should enter the activities center entrance and report directly to the gym. Only graduates are permitted to enter the building. 

  • Please park in the north parking lot (playground side).  DO NOT park in the spots closest to the portico.

  • All diplomas must be picked up in front of the weight room at the conclusion of the ceremony.  

  • In addition to following the dress code indicated below, be sure to bring your cap (with name written inside - no decorations on cap) and tassel, gown (pressed or steamed), stole (received with cap and gown) and honor stoles/cords if those apply to you.  We do not have extras so if you are missing an item, you will have to contact a family member to bring it for you.  

    • Dress Code (adhere to school requirements regarding dress policy)


  • Clean shaven and follow hair guidelines according to the ELCA Student Handbook.

  • Dark blue or black dress pants.

  • Dark dress shoes (no sandals or tennis shoes).

  • Dark socks.

  • White collared shirt and tie.

  • No earrings or gauges.


  • Appropriate length of skirt/dress (make sure length does not exceed length of graduation robe).  Remember the dress needs to be modest and cover both shoulders.

  • Dress sandals or dress shoes – Please no flip flops, clogs, or casual shoes.  We recommend that you not wear spike style heels since they will be difficult to walk in across the football field.


  • No nose rings, sunglasses, or cell phones are allowed on the field (we will be taking these up before we line up and they will be returned to you when you pick up your diploma).

  • Decorated caps will not be allowed in the ceremony.

  • Graduates are permitted to wear masks during the ceremony if desired.  They will have to show that they are clean shaven or do not have a nose ring on underneath.  

  • Graduates not following the dress guidelines as indicated above will not be allowed to participate in the ceremony.

Ticket Holder Reminders 

  • Only ticket holders will be permitted to enter the stadium gates.  Tickets are needed for each person (including children – the only exception are infants in a carrier).

  • Guests who hold bleacher tickets (yellow tickets) will enter by the ticket booth and go directly into the stadium stands. For social distancing purposes, all bleacher guests are asked to spread out to allow adequate room between families. 

  • Guests who hold field level tickets (white tickets) will walk to the left of the ticket booth and enter near the track.   Field level seats are assigned to a table for each graduate.  A map of the field will be sent out closer to Graduation so that you can easily find your seat.

  • Please inform your guests of where they should be seated ahead of time to help avoid any confusion.  It is very beneficial to tell your field level guests their table number ahead of time.

  • Guests are not allowed to leave the stadium and re-enter.  Please inform your guests of this policy.  

  • Anyone who does not hold tickets for graduation can sit in the grassy area across from the ticket booth (outside of the stadium gates). This area is first come, first served, and cannot be saved ahead of time. Overflow guests are asked to bring a chair or blanket to sit on. 

  • Anyone arriving at or after 7:00pm will have to wait until the end of the processional to be seated.

  • Graduation will be staffed with health professionals and bottled water will be available at the medical tents.

  • The Graduation ceremony is an optional, dignified, solemn ceremony for seniors, their families, and guests.  We ask that every senior, parent, and guest participate in a manner that will allow each graduate to have his/her special moment on stage. 

  • Every graduating senior and his/her family and guests deserve to see his/her senior walk across the stage to hear his/her name called as he/she receives a diploma; therefore, items such as air horns, cowbells, and other noisemakers which may interfere with hearing a graduate’s name called are prohibited.  

  • Any graduate and/or guest who creates a disturbance or insists on being a distraction to others will be escorted out of the stadium by security personnel.

  • Parking for our handicap guests will be directly in front of the Life Center.  Please do not park in this area unless you have a handicap tag.  There will be a golf cart available to take handicap guests to the ticket gate.

  • Guests are not allowed to decorate tables or use the center aisle for any reason during the ceremony.  Balloons are not allowed on the field.

  • Each graduate is eligible to receive a Graduation DVD (free of charge).  We will send an email out when they are ready, and you can pick it up at the front desk.   

  • For any guests who are unable to attend the Graduation Ceremony, the event will be livestreamed, and the link is

  • All of this information can be found on our website at 

Senior Dates

Friday, April 28 - Jeans with College Shirts allowed

Friday, April 28 – Academic Signing Day @10:00AM in the Gym • Families are invited!

Friday, April 28 – Off Campus Senior Lunch (following signing day)

Monday, May 1 – Friday, May 12 – AP Exams

Tuesday, May 2 - High School Academic Awards Night

Friday, May 5 - Kickball and Cinco de Mayo lunch (Sweatpants Day)

Tuesday, May 9 - Painted skirts and pants with college shirts allowed

Thursday, May 11 – Monday, May 15 – Senior Exams

Thursday, May 18 - Senior Breakfast • 8:00AM • Cafeteria • Seniors only

Thursday, May 18 - Senior Walk Send-off • 9:30AM • Families are invited

Thursday, May 18 – Mandatory Graduation Practice • 10:15AM-12:30PM • Gym

Friday, May 19 – Graduation at 7:00pm • 12 tickets per graduate (graduate not included in ticket count)

Student Government Association (SGA) offers a $1,000 scholarship to a member of the senior class that is a true portrait of a graduate of Eagle's Landing Christian Academy.  If you are interested in applying, please turn in completed applications to Mrs. Creasey by Friday, March 24 at 3:15pm. You do not have to be a member of SGA to apply.

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