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“Middle school years are hard years - years full of mistakes, learning, and growth. ELCA has given us an environment that offers a tremendous balance of accountability and grace; one that walks alongside my girls, reinforcing what we value as a family — a gospel-centered worldview. I have never questioned their physical or emotional safety with teachers and administration. Everyone has given them the space to grow as a person, become independent and figure out what God has uniquely created them to do.”

-Heather, ELCA Parent

Middle school is more than a transition from elementary to high school — it's a season of growth for your child. At this stage, they are learning about their passions and building friendships. They are also balancing more responsibilities at school and at home. You may notice your child asking deeper questions, seeking the truth about God and life.


As a parent, you may wonder how your child's education will shape their middle school years. Are they going to be ready for high school? Will they meet teachers and friends who care for them? Are they discovering more about how God's Word impacts their lives?


At Eagle's Landing Christian Academy, we value the things that matter to you as a middle school parent. We strive to equip middle schoolers in pursuing excellence through their God-given gifts. Below you will have an overview of our biblical, college-prep program, including our school culture, distinctives, high school-prep, and campus safety.





Cathie Kelly






In middle school, your child is building their identity. Their experiences start to shape how they see the world and how they navigate challenges, relationships, and interactions with peers and mentors. As a parent, you know that influences play a key part in these short and precious years.

The love and knowledge of God is at the heart of ELCA's school culture. Our biblical worldview nurtures middle schoolers, so that they can grow in Christ-likeness. We promote an environment that encourages respect, understanding, and cooperation among our students, through:

Differentiated Learning. 

Each child has their unique learning style and strengths. We value such differences by having small class sizes and teachers who are intentional about discovering our students' learning pace and areas of interest. Our MERIT Program supports students with diagnosed learning differences with resources that build success in the classroom.

Character Development.

The Bible is at the core of our teachings. Our curriculum is deeply embedded with God-centered principles, helping middle schoolers to understand the heart and mind of Christ. We strive to inspire our students' character through the lessons they learn. 

Open Communication. 

We honor our students' thoughts and concerns. Should your child need one-on-one time to talk, we have a dedicated counselor who is available to listen. As a learning community, we also discuss topics about showing respect and compassion to others.


Partnering with Parents.

We encourage parents to volunteer, share their thoughts, and be involved in their child's development. We believe that middle schoolers can make strides in their progress when we collaborate with parents like you.

A Thriving Community that Puts Christ at the Center.

Want to reinforce the values you teach at home?

We do too. See how for yourself.

Why do parents choose ELCA?

Academic Rigor   

Our middle schoolers are challenged with a strong academic program designed to prepare them for high school, college, and beyond. They are continuously engaged in subjects taught from a biblical perspective, helping them gain knowledge in light of God's Word.

Leadership Opportunities  

ELCA middle school students have several opportunities to sharpen their leadership skills. They can join the Student Government Association, and organizations such as the National Junior Beta Club. We also encourage them to take roles in weekly chapel services and daily prayer time.

Enriched Learning 

Learning doesn't stop at the four walls of the classroom. Our middle schoolers enjoy a variety of enriching electives such as robotics, art, foreign language, band, drama, and more. Clubs including chess, aviation, World Impact trips, marching band, and chorale will cultivate your child's inner passions.

Competitive Athletics  

Our students develop strength, discipline, character, and teamwork through many opportunities for competitive athletics. Your child can participate in team sports such as baseball, basketball, cheer cross country, lacrosse, football, volleyball, wrestling, and more.

The middle school transition can be challenging.

But it doesn’t have to be. See how we can help.


There's no greater feeling than knowing that your child is confident and ready to step into their future plans. At ELCA, we place a strong emphasis on preparing our middle schoolers for the opportunities that await them in high school, college, and life.

Executive Function Training

As fundamental components of our program, students learn time management, staying organized, focusing on the right tasks, and prioritizing goals. These executive function skills can help your child thrive as responsibilities and pace increase in high school.

Stimulating Subjects and Specials  

Middle schoolers also have the opportunity to take honors math and English classes. For specials, all students engage in a fine arts class of their choice, allowing them to express their creativity and refine their craft.

Maximizing Potential

Our committed teachers set high, but realistic expectations for students. We believe in recognizing each student's strengths, and working with them to become the best versions of themselves. We offer leadership seminars and spiritual retreats — unique ways for pre-teens to be mentored in their academic and spiritual growth.

Class Schedules 

Our students follow a balanced but structured schedule with breaks built into the day. The 7:55 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. school day is designed to give adequate instructional time for every subject, making sure that all topics are covered for the day.

Setting A Strong Foundation for Their Success.

When you enroll your child at ELCA, we recognize there is a transfer of trust that we will care for their well-being and safety. We are committed to our students’ well-being, by putting measures in place such as locked doors, security monitoring systems, and visitor check-ins. 

Our beautiful, 86-acre campus is located within Eagle’s Landing First Baptist Church. We have a middle school wing that features multiple classrooms, newly added state-of-the-art activity centers, secure outdoor spaces, and a football stadium.

A Commitment To Our Students’ Well-Being

Schedule an on-campus or virtual tour and see first-hand why families choose Eagle’s Landing Christian Academy for their middle schoolers.

You may also contact us at (678) 818-1072 or email for any questions. We look forward to meeting you!

See for yourself!

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