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Exceptional College Prep in a Kingdom-Focused Environment

You likely remember your own high school experience like it was yesterday. While many things have changed since then, one thing has remained steadfast — all parents want the best for their children. When it comes to your son or daughter, your desire for them is to be surrounded by positive influences, have ample opportunities to participate in school, and be challenged with strong academics. You also want them to be in a nurturing environment where they can thrive and grow in Christ.

At Eagle’s Landing Christian Academy, your child will benefit from all of these things and more. Our private Christian school equips students to embrace biblical truth, strive for academic excellence, and impact others for Jesus Christ. We thank you for the opportunity to partner with you as we seek to grow and nurture your high schooler — spiritually, academically, physically, and emotionally — for life and eternity.





At ELCA, your son or daughter will be well-prepared for college as they develop critical-thinking skills and Christ-centered values. From in-class discussions to varsity sports and extracurricular clubs, your child will cultivate their talents and creativity while they learn to collaborate and communicate effectively.

Rigorous College-Prep Curriculum

Your teen will be able to choose courses right for them, selecting from among 20 honors-level courses and more than 30 AP and dual-enrollment classes. Our students benefit from a 100% graduation rate and millions of dollars awarded annually in college grants, academic, and athletic scholarships. In fact, of the current 10 Georgia Scholars from Henry County, 9 of those are from ELCA. Our graduates have gone on to Ivy League schools, renowned Christian institutions, prestigious universities, and colleges close to home, including, but not limited to the University of Georgia, Georgia Institute of Technology, Auburn University, Berry College, Clemson, Florida State University, Northwestern University, SCAD, University of California - Los Angeles, and Vanderbilt University.

Distinctive Learning Support Program

Students with diagnosed learning differences may benefit from Arrowsmith, an on-campus program designed to help overcome specific learning challenges. Arrowsmith’s network of neuroplastic programs, state-of-the-art technology, and ongoing support and consultation work in tandem to transform learning abilities and help a student to be their very best. The goal is to help students become effective, confident, self-directed learners. We are proud to be the first provider in the state of Georgia to offer this scientifically proven, research-based program.

Engaging Electives & Clubs

Creative students enjoy our visual arts and performing arts programs, including theatre, chorus, guitar ensemble, symphonic band, studio art, and ceramics, while those who are mechanically inclined gravitate toward computer programming or advanced physics robotics. Yearbook and introduction to business are also popular electives. Club membership offers additional opportunities for participation, including Model United Nations, Student Council, Mock Trial, and Chess Club to name a few.

Want to learn more about a private high school experience at ELCA?

Contact our Director of Admissions, Bethany Farrar at or (678) 818-1072.

Award-Winning Athletics

Whatever sport your teen enjoys, they’re sure to find their place here, thanks to 12 varsity sports teams as well as opportunities to participate at the junior varsity level. From 2010 to 2024, we have had more than 41 State Final Four appearances, 24 State Runner-Up appearances, 18 State Championships, and 30 Individual State Champions. While these awards mark incredible achievement, our goal is to use athletics as a tool for character development through teaching, coaching, and modeling Jesus Christ in all aspects of sportsmanship.


Our Guidance and Academic Counseling Office provides academic counseling services for all high school students in grades 9-12. Students can attend curriculum nights throughout the school year and receive course advisement from an academic team member, with each student assigned an individual advisor for course registration. Students are encouraged to ask questions as they choose their academic path for the following school year based on teacher recommendations and interests. Here is an overview of what you can expect by grade level.

  • At the beginning of the year, a Guidance and Academic Counselor spends time in the classroom with students, sharing graduation requirements, college admissions information, freshman year timeline, and extracurricular activities. Our counselor also prepares an individualized graduation plan template, which helps them keep track of their courses, grades, and activities, as well as provides information on how to research colleges. Students are encouraged to review results and areas of weakness from the PSAT/Pre ACT tests, sign up for our SAT/ACT prep courses, and begin monitoring their GPA.

  • During the advisement registration process, we suggest students take the most rigorous courses they can while still being successful. We also encourage students to review their graduation plan while we help to keep them focused on their goals by providing them a sophomore year timeline. Students begin researching colleges and majors that may interest them and are encouraged to begin touring colleges and meeting with college representatives that visit our campus. GPA monitoring, PSAT/Pre ACT test reviews, and SAT/ACT prep course sign-ups are also recommended.

  • While actively continuing with their graduation plan, juniors will be provided with a junior/senior year timeline as well. Beginning in the second semester, the Guidance and Academic Counselor provides each junior with a “Best Test Letter,” to assist students in understanding which college entrance test will be most beneficial for them; our academic team uses a student's historical data to reveal their testing aptitude. Students are encouraged to begin taking the SAT and/or ACT in the spring (and continue taking the test until they are satisfied with their score). Additionally, the College Placement Counselor assists students in identifying interests, colleges, scholarship opportunities, and possible careers. In late spring, each junior will have the opportunity to meet individually with their College Placement Counselor in preparation for the college application season. To help students in their quest for outstanding college application recommendations, our College Placement Counselor provides each student with their unique “Brag Sheet."  This sheet helps both teachers and counselors as they are called upon to provide letters of recommendation as our students begin applying to some of our nation's most prestigious colleges and universities.

  • Students seamlessly transition from their 11th-grade expectations to senior year, guided by a comprehensive timeline. They refine their graduation plan, leveraging it as a valuable tool throughout their college application process. In August, a dedicated "Senior Transition" night is held for both parents and students, offering crucial insights into college admissions procedures, essay crafting, and securing outstanding letters of recommendation, as well as highlighting upcoming senior festivities and graduation. Meanwhile, the College Placement Counselor initiates personalized meetings with each 12th grader, providing tailored support during the pivotal college application phase. As acceptances and scholarships roll in, counselors proudly showcase these achievements on our vibrant "Oh Baby the Places You Will Go" board, fostering a spirit of celebration and inspiration across the student body.


High school can be a challenging season as teens are balancing ways to grow in their faith, build community, and understand the long-term impact their actions will have on future goals. We guide our students through this time by: 

  • inspiring compassion through meaningful service work and annual mission trips.

       Students participate in outreach to others in need, such as through Operation Christmas Child, Sunrise Cafe, local food bank distributions, and sponsoring   

        children from other countries. 

  • building support through peer accountability groups

       High school students cultivate confidence and self-esteem as they forge positive connections with peers, all while nurturing         

        their spiritual growth and personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 

        Our high school students are afforded a distinctive chance to engage in our peer tutoring initiative, where they develop 

        leadership skills and gain invaluable insights into the responsibilities of employment, all while fostering an environment of

        encouragement and collective success.


We invite you to visit our private high school in Henry County, Georgia, which sits on an 86-acre campus. Families value our secure school entrance and modern security features as well as our expansive high school wing and classrooms. Student-athletes favor our football field and stadium, field house, and other athletic fields as well as our 63,500-square-foot Activity Center, which includes a gymnasium, weight room, chapel, and wrestling room. Needless to say, whether in or out of the classroom, your high schooler will have every opportunity to thrive here.

Our students follow a balanced and structured schedule from 7:55 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. This is designed to give adequate instructional time for every subject, making sure all topics are covered for the day.










Envision your high schooler at ELCA

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