Eagle's Landing Christian Academy is proud to offer the finest of programs in music, chorus, band, art, theater, guitar, piano, dance, and praise band. We also offer private piano and guitar lessons to our students.

The School of Fine Arts is an essential element of the curriculum at Eagle's Landing Christian Academy. Fine arts programs are available to all grade levels. Elementary students participate in dance, piano, art and music courses weekly. Fifth grade students may select band or chorus as well as piano and dance. We also have a Young Charger Chorale for 2nd-4th grade students. These students are selected by audition and meet after school on Thursday.  Middle and high school students may select art, band, chorus, praise band, guitar, or drama as elective courses.  Middle school students may also choose piano and dance classes.


Whatever your child’s grade or preferred performing art, there’s a class for you! Choose one that matches your weekly schedule and the grade or age of your child:

One 50-minute Class Period per week:

  • Elementary Art (K-4th)

  • Elementary Music (K-4th)

  • Piano (1st-8th)

  • Dance (1st-4th)


Five 50-minute Class Periods per week (Monday through Friday) for 5th through 12th grade:

  • Chorus: Selected Chorale Ensemble (Middle School), High School Chorus

  • Band: Selected Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Advanced Wind Ensemble 

  • Drama: Intro to Theater (5th & 6th), Theater Performance (7th-8th), Adv Theater (9th -12th)

  • Art: Middle School Art, High School Comp Art I, High School Comp Art II, Selected Studio Art

  • Guitar: Beginning Guitar, Intermediate Guitar, Advanced Guitar

  • Music Theory: Describing, notating, communicating, and analyzing music.

  • Piano: Piano Keyboarding (optional 2 day, 3 day, 5 day courses available)


Extra-Curricular (After-School) Courses:

  • Young Charger Chorale: 1 day per week (2nd – 4th grade)

  • Middle School Honor Chorus:  1 day per week (5th – 8th grade)

  • Mighty Charger Marching Band: 3 days per week (plus shows) (7th–12th grade) (July-Dec)


School of Fine Arts Costs

Application Fee per student (non-refundable) $100   (each additional student per family $50) 

  • Tuition for classes taught once per week - $67 per month ($800 per year)

  • Tuition for classes taught daily (Monday through Friday) - $167 per month ($2000 per year)

  • Mighty Charger Marching Band - $50 per month ($500 for the 5 month season)

Tuition is paid over 12 months (dependent on date of admission). In the case that in-person classes are not possible for 2020, any unused tuition payments will be refunded or credited towards future classes, as per your request.


Multi-Class Discounts

Same student receives 25% discount on their second and subsequent classes. 

Practice and train in the fine arts in a safe and supportive classroom environment with ELCA School of Fine Arts.




At ELCA, students build on basic level art classes that include the elements and principles of design, and then have the opportunity to move into more advanced classes including advanced drawing and painting, ceramics, and art history. Students have the opportunity to visit the High Museum of Art to take advantage of this world class collection including the Louvre-Atlanta exhibit.  Many other educational field trips are included during the school year.


ELCA has classes for students of all skill levels. Visual Arts start in elementary school and the aligned art curriculum expands through middle school, high school, and to the Advanced Placement (AP) level.   


ELCA has a robust offering of performing arts disciplines for students of all ages. Throughout the year students perform musical theater productions, dramatic plays, orchestra and band concerts, choral concerts, and more. It is our desire that students will grow in their skills and love of their art and serve the Lord with their talents.



Chuck Ekstedt
Fine Arts Director, High School Drama Teacher


Tracey Fuller
Director of Choral Music Pre-K thru 12th grade

Derek Rock
Director of Middle School and High School Bands


Rachel Williams
High School Art Teacher and AP Art Instructor


Joe Tucker
Middle School and High School Guitar Teacher, Praise Band Director


India Meyers
Middle School Drama Teacher, Elementary Art Teacher, Dance Instructor


Sarah Blackaby
Middle School Art Teacher


Amanda Farnsworth

Piano Keyboard Classroom Instructor, Music Director for High School Drama


Beverly Hedges
Pre-K thru 12th grade Choral Music Teaching Assistant and Piano Accompanist


Kim Creasey
Fine Arts Administrative Assistant




Fine Arts programs are an essential element of the curriculum at ELCA. Fine Arts Programs are available to all students at all grade levels. Even if it is something as simple as your child performing in the Elementary Christmas Program... your student will be touched by the ELCA Fine Arts department. 

In September 2003, the Fine Arts Patrons was founded so that we could collectively support the Fine Arts students, the Fine Arts Staff, and the ELCA faculty to ensure the greatest advantages in Fine Arts education are available for our children. 

The Mission of the Fine Arts Patrons is four-fold:

  1.  Create a pool of resources that can be called upon to benefit and support the advancement of Fine Arts at ELCA.

  2.  Raise additional funds to supplement and support the Fine Arts at ELCA.

  3.  Encourage parental and student involvement in ELCA Fine ARTS activities, programs, and projects.

  4. Assist Fine Arts parents, Fine Arts faculty, and ELCA staff members in developing the skills they need to support all of the ELCA Fine Arts. 

We Support all of the Fine Arts Programs at ELCA: 


Symphonic Band

Marching Band


Chorale Groups

Elementary Music


Student Praise Band



2020-21 Fine Arts Patrons Board of Directors

President: Ben Collier l

Vice President: Mandy Corso l

Treasurer: Terrell Tyson l

Secretary: Courtney Ingram l

Fund Raising Chairs: Elicia Collins | and Heather Reagan |

Fine Arts Patrons meetings are on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 5:30 PM.  To start the year, we will have a virtual meeting using Zoom, but hope to be back in the Life Center, room LC113, later this year.  


August 13, 2020 (first meeting of the year, dial in and meet the board, get involved)

September 10, 2020

October 8, 2020

November 12, 2020

December 10, 2020
January 14, 2021

February 11, 2021

March 11, 2021

April 15, 2021 (moved back one week for break)

May 13, 2021 (last meeting of the year, new officers sworn in)

Meeting ID: 644 269 8828
Passcode: 193306


Every Parent with a child in a Fine Arts program at ELCA is a Fine Arts Patron.



How Can You Support Fine Arts at ELCA?  We're glad you asked!

The mission of the Fine Arts Patrons is to support the fine arts programs at ELCA by recruiting parent volunteers, fundraising, and helping the fine arts teachers in any way we can. ELCA offers many different disciplines of fine arts including drama, dance, band, piano, art, guitar, and chorus. FAP is pleased to offer the following opportunities for our parents to participate in the support of ELCA's superior programs.

The Eagle's Landing Christian Academy Fine Arts Patrons invite you to join RaiseRight and start supporting our amazing programs TODAY!!

Think of how many daily purchases you make using credit cards.  By making these purchases via gift cards, a portion of these purchases can now support fine arts at ELCA...with no extra cost to you.

Using the RaiseRight app by ShopWithScrip, you may purchase eGift cards or physical gift cards from 750+ top brands to earn on items and services you already buy.  Earnings add up fast with daily purchases—like ordering dinner or filling up your gas tank. Help us raise $1,000 or more every year. No extra money spent. No extra time wasted.

Physical gift cards are delivered to the school once per month and can either be picked up from Ms. Vicki or sent home with your student.


  1. Download the Raise Right App 
  2. Click on JOIN A PROGRAM 

  3. Enter (or copy and paste) ELCA's code EA26265B68864 

  4. Complete your registration 

  5. Earn $$ for ELCA



The Fine Arts Patrons of ELCA offer a DVD for each of the many fine arts events this year. If you're unable to make it to a performance or just want a keepsake, just click the link to order. A list of available events is on the form. Your account will be billed $10 per DVD. Of course, all funds raised will support the fine arts at ELCA.  (DVDs for each event will be created as long as at least 10 orders are made per event.  DVDs will be sent home with students.)

Are you ready to begin the admissions process and start your journey as a student of the ELCA School of Fine Arts?

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