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The Kingdom Athlete is

...a child of God daily surrendered to His will and for His service, athlete who seeks to glorify God through his actions, athlete who adopts the “Win the Day” philosophy in all areas of life, athlete who is humble and grateful for his gifts and opportunities, athlete who is submissive to authority, athlete who has a teachable spirit, athlete who leads by serving others, athlete who strives for victory, gives perfect effort and never quits. athlete who understands he represents more than himself. athlete who is not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ and seeks opportunities to share the good news with teammates, parents, officials, opponents and to the multitude of children that will look to them as they model Christ-like leadership.


The Eagle's Landing Christian Academy School of Fine Arts is proud to offer some of the highest level Fine Arts programing in the Metro Atlanta area. 

The School of Fine Arts is an essential element of the overall curriculum and the educational strategy at Eagle's Landing Christian Academy.  We know that studying music and art helps develop young minds, and fine arts courses are available to all students in all grade levels.  ELCA's fine arts programs are specifically designed to move students through an aligned curriculum, from PreK – 12th grade, that preps them to study fine arts at university.




Pre-K through 4th Grade

Grades 5-12


In pre-school, our students participate weekly in our fine arts program. Visual arts are part of their regular pre-school curriculum. In addition, students rotate into our Music Suite where they learn and explore the basics of music that will prepare them for their Elementary School performing arts classes. 

ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (Kindergarten – 4th grade):

Students in Kindergarten - 4th grade have multiple fine arts opportunities throughout the week. For the visual arts, students go to one of our fully equipped and supplied art labs to learn all of the basics they'll need to advance in the program. For the performing arts, students have weekly music classes in the Music Suite where they learn the basics of music and perform three times during the school year. In addition, students rotate into our keyboarding lab where they explore music through the use of keyboards and technology.

Students in middle school are given the opportunity to develop their skills by focusing on one specific Fine Arts Class. Art, Band, Chorus, Guitar, and Stage Acting and Vocal Performance are the classes offered between 5th and 8th grades. (See below). These classes are designed to prepare students for high school level classes, as well as give them opportunities to participate in arts shows, musical performances and state and district level competitions.



Tracey Fuller
Director of Fine Arts

Director of Vocal Programs Middle and High School

Director of Pre-school and Elementary Music

Derek Rock
Director of Middle School and High School Bands


Joe Tucker
Middle School and High School Guitar Teacher, Praise Band Director

Chuck Ekstedt

High School Drama Teacher


Sarah Blackaby
High School Art Teacher

Rachel Allred

Middle School Art Teacher

Linda Jones

Elementary Art Teacher


Rick Barham

Music Technology Lab Instructor


Beverly Hedges
Pre-K thru 12th grade Choral Music Teaching Assistant and Piano Accompanist


Fine Arts programs are an essential element of the curriculum at ELCA. Fine Arts Programs are available to all students at all grade levels. Even if it is something as simple as your child performing in the Elementary Christmas Program... your student will be touched by the ELCA Fine Arts department. 

In September 2003, the Fine Arts Patrons was founded so that we could collectively support the Fine Arts students, the Fine Arts Staff, and the ELCA faculty to ensure the greatest advantages in Fine Arts education are available for our children. 

The Mission of the Fine Arts Patrons is four-fold:

  1.  Create a pool of resources that can be called upon to benefit and support the advancement of Fine Arts at ELCA.

  2.  Raise additional funds to supplement and support the Fine Arts at ELCA.

  3.  Encourage parental and student involvement in ELCA Fine ARTS activities, programs, and projects.

  4. Assist Fine Arts parents, Fine Arts faculty, and ELCA staff members in developing the skills they need to support all of the ELCA Fine Arts. 

We Support all of the Fine Arts Programs at ELCA: 


Symphonic Band

Marching Band


Chorale Groups

Elementary Music


Student Praise Band


2023-24 Fine Arts Patrons Board of Directors

President: Mandy Corso |

Vice President: Sharon Dial |

Treasurer: Linda Henderson-Smith |

Fundraising Chair: Elicia Collins | 

Fine Arts Patrons meetings will take place via Zoom at 5:30pm on the second Thursday of each month (except for December). E-mail for the link:

August 10, 2023

September 14, 2023

October 12, 2023

November 9, 2023

December 7, 2023
January 11, 2024

February 8, 2024

March 14, 2024

April 11, 2024

May 9, 2024 

Every Parent with a child in a Fine Arts program at ELCA is a Fine Arts Patron.




The Fine Arts Patrons announce the cookie dough fundraiser for the 2023-24 school year. All money raised will be used for the Fine Arts Programs at ELCA. All information is included in the presentation below. Credit cards are accepted. Please see the "pay thank you form" for information and QR code. If there are any questions, please contact FAP at


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